Published November 22, 2017
Volume 1, Number 11

US Cryotherapy Offers New Approach to Pain Relief 

By Hacienda Pulse Staff Writer

The US Cryotherapy center at Hacienda recently celebrated its first year in business offering true whole-body cryotherapy. Brief exposure to subzero “cold shock therapy” can offer relief to those who suffer from chronic pain as well as everyday aches and discomfort, according to Aaron Howe, who owns the Pleasanton center with his wife, Liz Howe.

Extreme cold stimulates skin sensors and the central nervous system, according to the US Cryotherapy website. That, in turn, leads to “the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain inhibitors and mood elevators, and can accelerate recovery benefits while elevating mood and energy.”

Customers get treatment by entering a walk-in cold chamber that uses refrigerated cooled air to maintain a temperature of 170 degrees below zero. The brief treatment of three and a half minutes or less helps “a lot of people recover from physical activity,” notes Howe. “It helps them hit the reset button.” Some users also experience lower stress levels and improved sleep patterns, he says.
“We’re essentially here to provide an alternative way to help you feel better,” says Howe, who notes that his center’s whole-body cryotherapy treatment has been especially popular among athletes of all ages, from age 12 to adult. Customers have included athletes in gymnastics, cheerleading, tennis, crossfit, and other sports.
Some members of the Oakland Raiders football team have also undergone treatment. Non-athletes with neck, ankle, back, and similar pain can benefit as well, he says.
Before he and his wife opened the Pleasanton US Cryotherapy location, Howe spent 16 years selling commercial insurance. It was a good career but Howe was ready to start a business more aligned with his college degree in exercise physiology when he discovered the existence of whole-body cryotherapy.
Howe’s wife has lupus. The couple was living in Southern California when a friend suggested that cryotherapy could help reduce chronic pain. The couple began driving up for treatments at the US Cryotherapy location in Davis. “My wife was getting some really amazing results,” says Howe. “That spurred us to bring whole-body cryotherapy to the Bay Area.”
Surprisingly, few people shiver during their whole-body cryotherapy treatments. “You would think that everyone would shiver,” says Howe. “But this is a very different kind of cold, and your body responds completely differently.”
A total of five people work at this family run business, which offers a variety of treatments, including a state-of-the-art hydro massage bed and an infrared sauna. The hydro massage bed is like a comfortable warm waterbed that provides the perfect finish to a whole-body cryotherapy treatment.
“We’re looking to provide an alternative, safe way to improve everyday health,” says Howe. 
The Hacienda US Cryotherapy center will be open on October 24, the day after Thanksgiving also known as Black Friday. Howe says there will be Black Friday specials available on that day and over the weekend.
To check for specials, visit facebook.com/uscryopleasanton. For more information about US Cryotherapy, visit  www.uscryotherapy.com