Jobs Outlook Remains Strong in Hacienda and Region

As Hacienda looks to continue developing its economic and lifestyle advantages in 2017 with more jobs in a wide range of diverse fields, regionally, it is the construction sector that is predicted to outpace them all with job opportunities expected to increase in both residential and commercial construction for the first part of the year.Hacienda sits at the center of the world's sixth-largest economy, according to data from the World Bank, and is the hub of many of the strongest economic sectors. Without question, business, technology ... MORE
The Future is Brightly Lit for Hacienda

Hacienda is now among the leaders in the region as it becomes fully illuminated in the future's bright light of energy efficienct street lights. With an eye to the future, the City of Pleasanton and Hacienda have recently completed the conversion of 5,446 street lights from high pressure sodium (HPS) vapor “cobra head” fixtures to Light-Emitting Diode (LED) streetlights. Hacienda paid for and manages the maintenance of 787 of these streetlights.  According to Kathleen Yurchak, Director of Operations and Water Utilities, the total cost of project was ... MORE
Astex Pharmaceuticals is Beating Cancer from the Inside

The body is a complex network of organs, cells and pathways, and today when something goes wrong, you no longer have to reply on old protocols for answers because of recent biomedical breakthroughs that have led to opportunities to discover new drugs. New modes of medical and pharmacological innovations are now bringing hope to patients diagnosed with what were once life threatening illnesses. Astex Pharmaceuticals, whose clinical development headquarters is in Pleasanton, is a pharmaceutical company that is ... MORE
SafeTraces Makes The Food You Eat Safe

Not often is there a company that can say it makes our lives safer, but without question Pleasanton's SafeTraces can make that claim. Last October, SafeTraces received a Federal grant from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to help them improve methods for verification of sanitation in food processing facilities. Even though the food supply and production in American is among the safest in the world, routine reports are heard about a foodborne illness or recall warning. According to the FDA, it is estimated that annually 48 million people report a foodborne illness, which means one in six ... MORE
State Fund Insures Safe Work Places

As an employer, there is no limit to the things you worry about and an injured employee is one of the worst things you have to deal with as it can affect your production schedule, customers, bottom line, and the effects of having an injured employee can permeate through your staff and organization. Hacienda's State Compensation Insurance Fund (State Fund) is California’s largest provider of workers’ compensation insurance and their main goal is to make the workplace safe and restore injured workers. According to ... MORE
Essy's Tailoring & Clothier Fits Hacienda Like A Glove

There is nothing better than wearing a garment that fits you like a glove, especially when you have paid a tidy sum for it or if it is just something that means a lot to you personally. Because just as important as well-fitting clothes are, so is your first impression. This has never been more critical in business or social settings than it is today. Hacienda is fortunate to have an upscale tailor who proves high-quality services with attention to those important details. Essy's Tailoring & Clothier is a dedicated and skilled clothier committed to ... MORE
Business Bits

Business Bits
YMCA of the East Bay Launches New Education Program

The YMCA is known as a community hub that provides summer camps and after school activities for children and fitness programs for adults. That conception, at least in the Easy Bay, is now expanding. Last December, with a $75,000 grant from Bayer USA Foundation to the East Bay Economic Development Alliance, The YMCA of the East Bay launched its Center for Interdisciplinary Research and Collaborative Learning Labs (CIRCLe). The grant brings much needed resources to the East Bay community by offering learning opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) awareness ... MORE
Hope Hospice Brings Love and Care to Community

If you look up the word “community” in the dictionary you learn it is about a shared experience, a common purpose, attitudes and goals. As we get older, it is important to know there are places to turn to in our community when life is at its cruelest and our need for community takes on new meaning. Fortunately, for those in the Tri-Valley, people can turn to Hope Hospice when they are facing an illness in the family. Hope Hospice is the definition of community because it offers a caring environment with a sole purpose of taking care of people who are terminally ill. Hope Hospice has provided comprehensive ... MORE
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