Each year Hacienda supports the Alameda County Community Food Bank in their effort to develop resources for programs conducted throughout the year. Join Hacienda's ANG Newspapers as a sponsor of this important event. Your donations go a long way towards helping the Food Bank meet their mission in Alameda County. Locally, a number of Tri-Valley operations are recipients of food and money collected by the Food Bank.

Business Park Competition

During November and December Hacienda engages in a friendly competition with Harbor Bay Business Park and Marina Village Business Park. Last year's competition aided the Food Bank in bringing in over 21,600 pounds of food and $13,600 dollars. Hacienda alone collected 14,270 pounds of food which provided thousands of meals for the needy. Thanks to your generous donations, Hacienda was once again the recipient of the traveling plate award for the most donations of food and money for the 2001 drive. Hacienda wants to continue the momentum and claim this prestigious award again for the 2002 campaign. The Food Banks' goal this year is to collect over 600,000 pounds of food. To help the collection effort, the park would like to challenge Hacienda businesses and the local community through participation in this friendly competition and show all of Alameda County what Hacienda can accomplish by continuing our award winning collection efforts.

On-Site Collection Available

Food barrels will soon be arriving throughout Hacienda to serve as collection points. Hacienda businesses interested in obtaining their own barrel for on-site collection can contact the Food Bank using the information found below or sign up on their web site at: . Hacienda businesses may also contact the Hacienda Owners Association for a donation pick-up provided the donation can be received within the park.

Food for Thought

The Food Bank's collection effort focuses on healthy non-perishable food. The Food Bank would also appreciate it if you would not donate items in glass containers. The Food Bank particularly encourages contributions of the following:

Canned meats Canned fruits and vegetables Pasta and sauces Fruit juices Soups and stews Peanut butter Beans and rice


If you would prefer to donate money, checks should be made payable to the "Alameda County Community Food Bank" and should note "Hacienda" somewhere on the check. Please mail all checks to the Alameda County Community Food Bank using the contact information below with the note "Attention: Food Drive" on the envelope. Donations are also accepted online at the Food Bank's web site at: .

Additional Information

Additional information is available on the food drive, local collection points, organizations benefiting from the collection effort, and ideas on how to provide incentives to companies and individuals to participate. Please feel free to contact the Alameda County Community Food Bank using the contact information below for details.

Contact Information

Jennifer Gleason Alameda County Community Food Bank PO Box 24590, Oakland, California 94623 (510) 834-3663 ext. 328 phone (510) 834-3259 fax e-mail WWW Hacienda Owners Association 4473 Willow Road, Suite 105, Pleasanton, California 94588-8570 (925) 734-6500 phone (925) 734-6501 fax e-mail WWW

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