Hacienda VIP Days Coming At Six Flags Marine World

Hacienda is proud to offer our employees and residents special offers and discounts not found anywhere else. Here's the latest! This summer, take advantage of your association with Hacienda and visit Six Flags Marine World during its special Hacienda Business Park VIP Days June 15th through 22nd 2003. Using the coupon available from Hacienda's discount page on our web site www.hacienda.org/services/services_special_discounts.html, up to six people can visit Six Flags Marine World for the discounted price of $17.99 each. If you miss VIP Days, you can visit Marine World any other day of the year at a savings of over 40% by being a Hacienda employee or resident. For more summer fun, Hacienda has arrangements with Waterworld USA in Sacramento and Concord that save you $8 off the price of admission. The special offer with Waterworld USA in Sacramento is valid May 18th through August 14th and weekends in September. The special offer with Waterworld USA in Concord is valid May 17th through September 21st.

"What makes Six Flags Marine World unique in the entire nation is the combination of rides, animals, and great shows," says Jeff Jouett, spokesman for Six Flags Marine World. "We've got 35 animal attractions ranging from sharks to butterflies. We also have 35 rides that range from the mild to the wild. This year, we added our sixth major roller coaster, which is a four loop steel coaster called Zonga." Six Flags Marine World also has nine great shows including the Ski Extreme water ski show, and animal shows that feature dolphins, sea lions, and elephants. This year, the park is bringing back its Hollywood animal star show called "Lights, Camera, Animals," where a professional trainer introduces the audience to animals they've seen on TV and at the movies. Along with seeing the animals perform, the show teaches you how to train your own dogs, cats, and pet birds at home. With the combination of animals, rides, and shows, there's something for everyone - no matter what their age.

Items available under Hacienda's Special Offers program may be obtained in a variety of ways. You can order special offers materials via the Hacienda web site at www.hacienda.org/services/services_special.html. Be sure to check back periodically as new offers are added all the time. You can also receive a free monthly notice about new offers by enrolling in the Hacienda Online! Hacienda Connection e-mail service. To sign up, simply access the Hacienda web site at www.hacienda.org/ho/ho_subscribe.html and follow the instructions to subscribe to the Hacienda Connection e-mail service. New offers and discounts are available each month.

Another way to access Hacienda's services and programs is to call the Hacienda Hotline, (925) 734-6550, which provides an audio listing of information. Finally, a printed version of the park's programs along with ordering forms for program materials may be obtained by requesting a Hacienda Program Guide from the Hacienda Owners Association office at (925) 734-6500.

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