Tri-Valley Resource Team on Air Quality Help Us All Breathe Easy

A unique collaboration is at work in the Tri-Valley to address issues of air quality. The Tri-Valley Resource Team on Air Quality is a local group of representatives from the public and private sectors working together to improve air quality in the region. Collectively, the group, under the auspices of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD), assists with the implementation of the Spare the Air program, provides resources to assist in air quality improvement efforts and acts as an information development and deployment source on matters relating to air quality.

"The resource teams are part of the community outreach branch of the Spare the Air program," says Ginny Fang, team facilitator for the Tri-Valley Resource Team. "There are six different resource teams throughout the Bay Area and it's a way that the Air District has devised to get the message out and to involve community members in the Spare the Air program."

The resource teams bring together all different types of people from government, business, environmental organizations, and the community at large. The idea is that all of the different people bring different types of resources to the table. The volunteers then determine appropriate projects to address issues that are specific to their community in terms of air quality.

As automobile emissions represent one of the primary causes of air quality degradation, the Tri-Valley Resource Team has frequently found itself involved in efforts to promote the use of commute alternatives. Past projects include the development of the Tri-Valley Transportation Guide, the promotion of Alameda County's Lawnmower Buyback Program, and an information guide on the Commuter Choice Tax Benefit program. "The Tri-Valley Resource Team is a very active group," Fang says.

To learn more about the Tri-Valley Resource Team on Air Quality or to participate in an upcoming meeting, contact Ginny Fang by e-mail at or by phone at (415) 975-2955 Ext. 4. Details on the Tri-Valley and other Resource Teams sponsored by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District can be found at the District's web site, . You can also see samples of the work developed by the Tri-Valley Resource Team on Clean Air at .

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