ZANTAZ Launches New Archive Tools for Email Management

Company also expands presence in Hacienda with additional 11,281 square foot lease

ZANTAZ, a developer of electronic communications management tools that address Securities and Exchange Commission and major stock exchange compliance requirements, electronic discovery, and storage management, recently announced its new Hosted Exchange Archive Solution (EAS), a new managed service for enterprise-level email management.

The ability to retrieve archived correspondence and other data is especially important to companies that need to comply with requirements put in place by the SEC, NYSE, and NASD. "If you are in a field that must comply with those requirements and you don't, there can be serious consequences, from fines to damaged corporate reputation, reduced shareholder value, and potentially even criminal charges," Olson says. "We are experts in that area, and there are many companies, including 14 of the top 20 Wall Street securities firms, that are our customers for that reason. We ensure our customers are compliant." In addition to email, companies now even need to keep records of instant messages sent from one computer to the other and perform data-discovery operations, where they need to locate relevant files or correspondences related to specific topics.

"We have both a set of hosted solutions in our data centers and a set of onsite applications for doing email archiving and other related functions like email management," says Craig Olson, vice president of marketing for ZANTAZ. "We are unique in providing customers an option, the flexibility to be able to choose whether they want to keep their archived email and other data on their own servers or on ours, based on their resources and needs."

ZANTAZ' EAS is based on the acquisition of Ottawa-based company EDUCOM TS. EAS, originally an onsite archiving application, was transformed by ZANTAZ into a means of storing data off-site. Often, the corporate computer servers become overloaded due to the high number of email messages they need to store. With Hosted EAS, that data can be offloaded onto a separate storage device. ZANTAZ, in fact, offers massive amounts of storage space to companies in its own data centers.

"Hosted EAS also allows users to take advantage of moving data into an EAS platform from old optical devices or tape into a new storage device. There are a lot of companies that are tired of having to deal with these older technologies and are trying to consolidate their data into one format," Olson says.

ZANTAZ, headquartered at 5671 Gibraltar Dr., also recently leased 11,281 square feet of additional office space at 4234 Hacienda Dr. Despite the fact that ZANTAZ' data center is moving out of Pleasanton and into locations in Sacramento and Las Vegas, the company still needed more space. "The reason we moved part of our operation into the new facility here on Hacienda Drive - in addition to maintaining our corporate headquarters on Gibraltar Drive - is due to our rate of growth," Olson says. "During the last two years in a row, we've grown 300% per year. This year, we'll be doubling in size again. The expansion was simply a matter of running out of room for the people that we're hiring."

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