Hacienda Security Provides 24/7 Park Monitoring

To most people, the site of a Hacienda Security vehicle on patrol is reassuring. However, for some it has quite the opposite effect - by design. "Part of the reason the area has such a low crime rate is due to the visible deterrence we provide. People know that Hacienda is watched around the clock," states Jeremy Alcantera, who as Hacienda's lead security officer manages the crew of watchful officers who patrol the park in the white Ford Rangers with an orange light on top.

A total of eight security officers staff the three daily shifts, daytime, swing, and graveyard, providing continuous monitoring of the entire park 24/7, every day of the year. The other officers have fixed schedules, but as the lead Alcantera has worked all shifts. Understandably, the park at night is dark and quiet, with minimal public interaction. It's quite different in the daytime, when he has frequent contact with property managers and tenants as part of regular outreach. No matter what the shift/time of day, he and his colleagues are always on the lookout for potential problems, from vandalism and malicious mischief to accidents and crime.

Reaching a security officer via telephone or e-mail is easy. Simply call the Security Hotline number, (925) 734-6520, and leave a message when prompted. An officer is paged and will return your call within a few minutes. To e-mail Hacienda Security, simply send a message to security@hacienda.org . Those needing immediate response should be sure to contact Hacienda Security by phone as the e-mail account is only monitored during business hours.

The patrols constitute just one component of Hacienda's security program, whose prime objective is to protect both private property and property managed by the park. Among other services, park users can avail themselves of a free supplemental security program in which a special auxiliary patrol does an exterior door check and two building perimeter observations nightly. The supplemental security patrol also takes on special assignments such as verifying that specific entries are secure at specific times or monitoring the status of alarm systems, thus helping tailor the program to meet any site specific needs. "Many park businesses subscribe to alarm services and have their own security programs with cameras and alarm services, but we provide an extra layer of monitoring that is really appreciated," Alcantera says.

Also available are educational programs that address various security and safety needs, ranging from office security surveys to earthquake preparedness. Park tenants or employees can obtain these materials via telephone by calling the security bulletin board at (925) 734-6552. They can also download a .pdf version of the park's Emergency Procedures Manual by accessing the Hacienda web site at www.hacienda.org , then choosing "Services" from the main menu and then "Security Services" and "Assistance" from the drop-down menus. These materials are also available at the Hacienda Owners Association's offices at 4473 Willow Road, Suite 105. For more information, contact the Association at (925) 734-6500.

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