Park Tours An Educational Experience

For young Pleasanton residents like eight-year-old Marie Coltrin, who says, “I like living in Pleasanton, and I like Hacienda Business Park,” the opportunity to tour the Park with their classmates is a fun and stimulating educational experience.

The 20-minute tour of the Park, and a 10-minute multi-image slide presentation about Pleasanton’s past and present are offered to all Pleasanton schools at no cost to the Pleasanton School District.

In cooperation with the Park’s developers, Hacienda Community Room Coordinator Donna Fernandez escorts each class on its journey through the Park. “We try to gear the tour toward the childrens’ interests,” explains Donna. “We discuss the different construction methods, the canal systems, Hacienda landscaping and maintenance, our grey tinted energy saving windows, and many of the tenants and companies within the park.

The tour is always a crowd pleaser, but the groups seem to really enjoy the slide presentation at the end of the trip. “The tour was fun, but I really learned a lot during the movie,” said little Marie. “I learned a lot about Pleasanton and the Park.”

Marie’s teacher, Joy Ann Leitch, attended the Park field trip for her first time. “I really enjoyed it,” she said. “I thought it was very informative, especially the film.” Joy Ann agreed with Marie that the film was an enjoyable experience. “I really like the way it contrasted the early days of Pleasanton with modern times.”

For more information on the school field trip program at Hacienda Business Park, call Donna Fernandez in the Community Room at 463-0280.


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