Simpson Strong-Tie Helps People Build Safer, Stronger Structures

For more than 60 years, Simpson Strong-Tie has dedicated itself to creating structural products that help people build safer, stronger homes and buildings. Considered an industry leader in structural systems research, testing, and innovation, Simpson Strong-Tie works closely with construction professionals to provide code-listed, field-tested products and value-engineered solutions.

The global company's engineered structural products and systems are recognized for helping structures resist high winds, hurricanes, and seismic forces. "Our mission is to provide solutions that help people design and build safer, stronger structures, making them more resilient to natural disasters," says Desiree Aquino, Internal Communications and Community Relations Manager for Simpson Strong-Tie.

The company that became Simpson Strong-Tie grew out of a Bay Area window-screen business that Barclay Simpson had inherited from his father. As the company tells the story, one evening in 1956 the doorbell rang at Simpson's home. When Simpson opened his door, he discovered the brother of a neighbor on his doorstep. Could Simpson maybe build something that would connect the ends of 2x4 lumber for a roof? "Of course," Simpson said. With the help of his window-screen plant foreman, he developed some sketches and then used a punch press to create his first joist hanger.

The rest is industry history. Today, Simpson Strong-Tie is the world leader in structural product solutions, solutions that not only help its customers, but help make structures safer and stronger. In the years since its founding, Simpson Strong-Tie has become recognized as the genuine connector brand in the residential construction industry. It is also known for its ever-expanding offering of shear walls, moment frames, and fasteners.

In the last two decades, the company has expanded further with products for concrete construction. Simpson Strong-Tie product and system offerings include structural connectors, fasteners, fastening systems, lateral-force-resisting systems, mechanical anchors, adhesives, and product solutions for repairing, protecting, and strengthening concrete and masonry.

"But even with all of the growth, we still keep it simple, focusing on the core values that Barclay instilled and living up to our reputation of reliability, innovation, quality, and customer service," says Aquino.

Simpson Strong-Tie moved to Hacienda in May 2006 after starting in San Leandro, moving to Pleasanton and subsequently to Dublin, and then back to Pleasanton at its current location. About 250 employees work at its headquarters at Hacienda; worldwide the company has nearly 3,000 employees at its over 40 locations. Simpson Strong-Tie is part of publicly traded Simpson Manufacturing.

The company supports a variety of nonprofits both internationally and locally. It is a key partner with Habitat for Humanity International, and locally supports the Habitat East Bay/Silicon Valley affiliate, among other organizations.

Simpson Strong-Tie also has an internal program called Do What You Can Day, when company branches participate in some form of charitable giving. Last November 2 on Do What You Can Day, the company packed over 63,000 meals, held 11 food drives, and donated more than 15,000 pounds of food to local food banks across its North American and Asia Pacific branches. The Hacienda Simpson Strong-Tie Pleasanton office packed 12,000 meals into 55 boxes in partnership with the local nonprofit group Kids Against Hunger.

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