Hacienda is in the news and making news. Between project activity, the accomplishments of our tenants and their employees, and events in and around the development, there is much to report. Hacienda sends out regular releases on park activity and is frequently featured in local media whether in print, televised or online.

Hacienda regularly issues press releases with details on park events, news and other matters of interest to the local press and other media. You can see listings of Hacienda press releases that the park has issued. Hacienda also accepts press releases and items for publication for our newsletter, NETWORK, and other Hacienda Online! bulletins.

The pages in the Hacienda in the News section provide a sampling of recent features on Hacienda, our tenants and developments. You can also see nearly thirty years of Hacienda news stories by visiting the Hacienda Online! section of our web site and browsing past editions of Pathways and NETWORK.

Hacienda welcomes inquiries from the press. Contact may be made through following:

Hacienda Business Park Owners Association
4305 Hacienda Drive
Suite 330
Pleasanton, California   94588-2738
925.734.6500           phone
925.734.6501           fax   e-mail