July 6, 2015

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Wheels Bus and Hacienda Recognize 5 Millionth Passenger

for Innovative ECO Pass Program

PLEASANTON, Calif. --- Marking a milestone in a longstanding, unprecedented public-private partnership, the Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority (LAVTA), operator of the Wheels bus service, and Hacienda today note that Hacienda employees and residents have surpassed five million passenger trips utilizing Hacienda’s free ECO Pass program.

Established in 1989 and funded by Hacienda, the ECO Pass program creates a convenient way for people who either live or work in Hacienda to use transit to get to work, school, and local businesses by providing free unlimited bus rides.

“We are pleased to celebrate the 5 millionth Hacienda Wheels bus rider,” said Councilman Don Biddle, LAVTA Chair. “LAVTA’s partnership with Hacienda is a model to deliver a convenient and affordable commute alternative that improves air quality and reduces traffic congestion.”

“Since 1989 with the ECO Pass program, these 5 million trips on transit instead of a 17.5 mile daily average trip in a single-occupant vehicle, saved over 18 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and over 85 million vehicle miles traveled ,” said Michael Tree, LAVTA’s executive director.

“The ECO Pass program demonstrates Hacienda’s commitment to both environmental stewardship and providing the best possible working and living environment,” said James Paxson, Hacienda’s general manager. “Hacienda and LAVTA’s longstanding success also represents a model relationship and a public-private partnership of remarkable longevity.”

Benefits of the ECO Pass to Riders
ECO Pass holders benefit in a number of ways through their participation in the program.

1. Riders cut their commute costs at the pump and reduce the cost of automobile maintenance, both important factors in maintaining a household budget.

2. The ECO Pass is a great way to beat traffic congestion on the way to work. ECO Pass users enjoy their commute and the personal freedom it gives them to do other things while commuting. Instead of driving on congested streets and highways, ECO Pass users get to rest and relax, catch up on social media, read a book, enjoy a conversation with their fellow riders, or use their travel time more productively by completing tasks for their jobs.

3. The ECO Pass is a great way for commuters to show their concern for the environment; allowing them to commute knowing that they are taking an active part in reducing carbon emissions and improving the region’s air quality.

Benefits of the ECO Pass to Employers
The ECO Pass program is a great way for employers to demonstrate their concern for their employees and the environment.

1. Hacienda employers have the opportunity to include the ECO Pass as a no-cost perk to their Employee Benefits Program, saving their employees literally thousands of dollars each year on the cost of getting to work.

2. The ECO Pass program also helps employers manage their own Commute Trip Reduction Programs.

3. Simply by making the pass available to their employees, Hacienda companies automatically comply with the requirements of the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program (SB 1339).

In celebration of this milestone, all Hacienda and Tri-Valley residents and employees are encouraged to let Wheels do the driving while you enjoy a pleasant and productive commute.

For more information about the ECO Pass program, contact the Hacienda Owners Association at the contact information below. For more information about Wheels bus service, contact Wheels customer service.

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