November 21, 2016

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Contact: James Paxson, General Manager
Hacienda Owners Association

Hacienda Helping Hands Awards Impact

Grants to Organizations Serving

the Community

Hacienda Helping Hands

PLEASANTON, Calif. — Hacienda Helping Hands has awarded four impact grants to organizations providing local services: Tri-Valley Haven, Childcare Links, Sandra J. Wing Healing Therapies Foundation and Close-up Foundation. Tri-Valley Haven was given a $5,000.00 grant to fund a commercial refrigerator in support of their food pantry programs. Child Care Links was given a $2,000.00 grant in support of the organization’s new Diaper Bank. Sandra J. Wing Healing Therapies Foundation was given a $2,250.00 grant to provide underwriting for a special cancer caregiver seminar series. Close-up Foundation was given a $2,100.00 grant to provide scholarship funding for local, low-income student participation in their program. Grants were made through a Donor Advised Fund held by the East Bay Community Foundation.

"Hacienda Helping Hands is pleased to help make a difference by supporting these organization's great work," said James Paxson, Hacienda's general manager. "We specifically wanted to provide funding where we could help further the special projects being undertaken by groups that contribute to the community in key ways."

"Tri-Valley Haven is appreciative and relieved to be awarded help from Hacienda Helping Hands to purchase a new refrigerator," exclaimed Ann King, MSW, Tri-Valley Haven Executive Director. "We were really in a bind, as two refrigerators at our food pantry stopped working recently. This is before our busiest time: Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season. Hacienda Helping Hands is aptly named, as they are helping us and our many clients avoid a food crisis. The Tri-Valley Haven Food Pantry assists several thousand local families per year with groceries. During the holidays alone we will provide groceries to about 1600 families, totaling over 4000 individuals."

"Child Care Links is extremely grateful to Hacienda Helping Hands for their support of our diaper program," notes Laura Page, Child Care Link's Community Events and Outreach Coordinator. "These funds will help our agency provide diapers to more families struggling to afford a sufficient supply for their children. This generous contribution brings the total number of diapers raised by Child Care Links since October 24th to 55,000 diapers. The average child uses six diapers a day, which means an estimated 1,300 children will have a week’s supply of diapers to keep them clean, dry and healthy. The success of this program could not of happened without the support from Hacienda and other community organizations such as Valley High School, Valley Community Church and Valley Family Child Care Association. This diaper program allows Child Care Links to partner with families in new ways to discover their changing needs and help build strong and healthy families. It’s evident Hacienda Helping Hands is committed to building strong community partnerships to better the lives of all Tri-Valley residents."

"We are honored that Hacienda Helping Hands issued our cancer charity a grant to enhance our community education events, states Sandra J. Wing, Chief Executive Officer. "For several years, the Sandra J. Wing Healing Therapies Foundation has hosted 3 education events for the Tri-Valley community. Typically attendees include cancer patients, their family and friends, and caregivers. A cancer diagnosis impacts not only a cancer patient but all those in that person’s circle of influence. The Hacienda Helping Hands grant will be applied to our 2017 workshops covering the following topics: Caregiving; A Mindfulness Technique of Guided/Visual Imagery; and Laughter is Good Medicine. Our workshops are offered free to the Tri-Valley community and all are welcome to attend."

"Close Up Foundation is honored to receive funding support from Hacienda Helping Hands to support local students participating in our nationally-recognized civic education program," states Eleanor Vogelsang, Close Up Foundation Community Relations Manager. "As we witness an increasing polarization among both voters and elected officials, it is imperative our youth learn the importance of informed dialogue and the art of compromise to find lasting solutions to the issues facing the nation. Close Up fulfills its mission to inspire, engage, and empower youth to be more active citizens in our democracy through week-long education programs in Washington, D.C. Local students return home with a deeper understanding of the levers of power and decision-making processes, which in turn positively impacts their ability to affect change in their local community. A donation from Hacienda Helping Hands will provide more students with an opportunity to participate in Close Up in April 2017 and return to the Tri-Valley area with the tools and skills needed to be life-long, active citizens."

About Tri-Valley Haven
Now in our fourth decade, Tri-Valley Haven continues to be a vital community resource serving adults and children who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, or homelessness. We are a safe place, above all, for people who need to be protected before they can begin moving forward. But we are also a place that is committed to doing more than merely healing a life that's hurting; we are committed to helping strengthen that life, and building a culture of personal empowerment for those who are most vulnerable. Learn more at:

About Childcare Links
For 40 years, Child Care Links has remained a stable fixture in the Tri-Valley community serving a diverse population of children and families. The agency's dedication to its mission statement of providing support and resources to Tri-Valley families, is consistently seen in its growing efforts to offer services and innovative programs to the community. Child Care Links has built a strong foundation and continues to develop new strategies to meet the changing  needs of child care providers, parents, and children.  Specifically, Child Care Links currently provides subsidized child care to 1,500 families a month with an active database of child care providers of 294. The agency conducts 40-50 trainings a year to Child Care Professionals, parents, and the community. In addition to offering free child care referrals, and car seat safety checks, the agency provides free car seats and booster seats to financially vulnerable families. The agency is excited to be launching a community-wide Diaper Program to assist low-income families with free diapers and help break the cycle of poverty. Even if a parent receives financial assistance for child care, many providers require a full days supply of diapers. This means parents may be unable to find child care to go to work or attend classes to further their careers. It is clear that a supplement of diapers can have significant positive impact on families in need. Learn more at

About Sandra J. Wing Healing Therapies Foundation
The mission of the Sandra J. Wing Healing Therapies Foundation is to provide cancer patients, during their treatment period, with financial assistance for complementary healing services. The Sandra J. Wing Healing Therapies Foundation provides assistance to cancer patients so they can experience the immediate benefit of therapies which help alleviate the toxic side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation. Learn more at

About Close Up Foundation
Close Up informs, inspires, and empowers young people to exercise the rights and accept the responsibilities of citizens in a democracy. We believe that a strong democracy requires active and informed participation by all citizens; therefore we seek to reach participants of every race, creed, geographical community, socio-economic level, and academic standing. Close Up welcomes participation on its programs without regard to gender, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin or disability. To carry out our mission, we partner with educators, schools, and youth organizations throughout the country to help young people develop the skills and attitudes to become informed and engaged citizens. Since 1971, over 825,000 participants have participated in Close Up programs. Learn more at

About Hacienda Helping Hands
Hacienda Helping Hands supports community organizations in the following six key philanthropic areas: youth development and education, family strengthening, senior assistance, access to healthcare and healthy living, affordable housing and solutions to homelessness, and arts and culture. Over the last several years Hacienda Helping Hands has been able to distribute more than $150,000 to organizations that addressed one or more of these philanthropic areas. Past recipients include: Axis Community Health, Alameda County Community Food Bank, Senior Support Program of the Tri-Valley, Buenas Vidas Youth Ranch, Open Heart Kitchen, La Familia, Sentinels of Freedom, Tri-Valley Housing Opportunity Center, and many more. Learn more at

About East Bay Community Foundation
The Hacienda Helping Hands Fund is held by the East Bay Community Foundation (, one of the largest sources of philanthropic support for the East Bay, managing more than 500 charitable funds and endowments. The East Bay Community Foundation transforms lives by harnessing financial capital, leadership and philanthropic expertise through the power of many: partnerships with individual donors, business, government, and private foundations.

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