Published February 19, 2008
Volume 16, Number 2

  • Hacienda’s AlarmPoint Systems, a company that provides automated event notification and resolution products and services, reports that the company has experienced year-on-year growth of more than 100 percent.    

    “In today’s environment, enterprises require a consolidated approach to event notification to reduce duplication, redundant efforts and inefficient processes. AlarmPoint enables enterprises to intelligently target, notify and communicate with mobile staff,” said Troy McAlpin, CEO, AlarmPoint Systems. “This capability is the foundation for optimizing the incident management process, enabling mobile problem resolution and providing proactive incident information to customers. The result of addressing this need with innovative products is that AlarmPoint has continued to achieve impressive sales growth and maintain its position as a market leader.    

    This quarter, AlarmPoint added over 20 new customers, including Serco Group, Sun Life Assurance, Walmart.com, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Bloomberg, BMC Software and Humana, Inc.
  • Compuware Corporation has been recognized by Corp! Magazine as a leading diversity-focused company. Corp! honored Compuware with this award based on the company’s commitment to diversity — in race, ethnicity and more — as a business driver.

    “Compuware’s commitment to diversity is not a stand-alone initiative, nor is it a special program — rather, it is just part of what the company values as an organization,” said Edward Deeb, editor in chief.      “Compuware’s commitment to diversity starts at the top of the organization and permeates throughout the entire company, guiding how it treats all employees, suppliers and the community.”    

    The Corp! Diversity Award focuses on companies that demonstrate a commitment to diversity and show how diversity adds organizational value. The award also recognizes companies that recruit and foster the career development of minority and disabled employees, those that support community outreach programs for diversity, and those that have developed internal programs and initiatives to capitalize on the opportunities that a diverse workforce and supplier base brings.
  • Trapeze Networks has installed Wi-Fi infrastructure using their Smart Mobile solutions for the 13,000 students, faculty, and staff of the Livermore Unified School District. One of the featured uses of the network is seamless and secure communication for emergency response and preparedness.    

    The wireless network allows the district to relay critical information during a disaster when all wireline telephone, cellular service, Internet and local networks may go down, allowing faculty, staff and students to keep in constant communication across the campus. “We saw that a wireless network could be leveraged across multiple agencies to support our district as well as the police, fire and other local government entities during a crisis,” says Kevin Peterson, ISS Specialist, Livermore Unified School District. “In addition to aiding the local first responders, the wireless network provides a communication hub for the community so that they can connect with their loved ones.”    

    “Schools are emerging as natural emergency gathering hubs in which communities can congregate during a crisis or disaster when all cellular, wireline phone and IT networks may be severely compromised or down entirely,” says Jim Vogt, president and chief executive officer of Trapeze Networks. “In such critical situations, wireless connectivity is indispensable — and is perhaps the only method for enabling communication. Livermore Unified School District is the perfect example of how a district can use Wi-Fi in an innovative manner for emergency response.”

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