With over one hundred properties and hundreds of businesses, Hacienda has a wealth of opportunity for business establishment and business interaction. More importantly, we have created a number of programs to accommodate the needs of business.

Your Business Home

As your business home, we have designed Hacienda to provide you with a premier environment. In addition to having a great address for business success, we have spent time developing a suite of services to help our businesses thrive:

  • Hacienda knows that your business works better when your employees feel good about the location where they work. This is why we have put together one of the finest programs of benefits available for the people who work here in the park. From commute support to childcare assistance to special offers, Hacienda's employees know the difference a Hacienda location provides.
  • Facilities to support your business needs abound. In addition to those resources found directly within the park, Hacienda is immediately adjacent to a number of facilities that can play host to meetings, conferences, training sessions, trade shows, industry events and more. Sizes range from intimate to large scale and feature Hacienda's infrastructure is designed to allow you to locate here and grow.
  • Hacienda's infrastructure is designed to allow you to locate here and grow. Telecommunications, power, transportation, water and other services are all here to address the capacities your business needs.
  • Hacienda's Security Program has a number of special programs for businesses. Patrols, available to all tenants, circulate the park 24 hours a day. Park businesses can also benefit from special observation and door check programs that can be scheduled after hours. Business security and safety programs, coordinated with local public service agencies, are also available.
  • Companies in Hacienda have always found the opportunity to do business with one another and the park actively works to help establish relationships between the larger community and the development. A number of networking and referral programs have been established to help our businesses connect with other tenants at Hacienda, the surrounding area and beyond.


Whether you are new to Hacienda or a long-time tenant, let us provide you with a customized overview of everything Hacienda has to offer. We welcome the opportunity to work with businesses first hand so that they can easily learn about all of our programs and services. We know every business is different which is why we have created several ways in which you can find out about the park. Please feel free to contact our office to order materials or to schedule a special presentation.

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