Hacienda has a special program that allows our businesses to greet new arrivals. Hacienda Ambassadors act as a welcoming committee to tenants when they first come to the park. Hacienda Amabassadors are given the opportunity to participate in tenant visits and all park businesses are welcome to extend special offers to new tenants which are presented during these visits.

Meet and Greet

Each month, new tenants are welcomed by the park and presented with information on Hacienda's programs and services. Park businesses wishing to expand the welcome and accompany park representatives on these visits can sign up to be Hacienda Ambassadors. Ambassadors collectively greet new tenants during a brief impromptu meeting and also have the opportunity to extend special promotional offers.

Welcome Package

All new tenants in the park are provided a special welcome package on arrival. The package contains information on the park, the amenities available to the park's tenants, programs, and guides to park resources including the other tenants who also make the park their home. Information is presented in a distinctive Hacienda folder so that recipients see the value afforded by their Hacienda location each time they access the contents. Park tenants can help personalize these materials with a special offer of their own that they would like to extend to new tenants. The offer can take any form and will only be given to new Hacienda tenants as part of the welcome package.


All tenants are invited to act as Hacienda Ambassadors and there are no special requirements for participation. Hacienda businesses need not participate in visits in order to extend special offers to new tenants and no special offer is required in order to participate in the visit.

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