Hacienda Helping Hands

Hacienda Helping Hands would like to extend this invitation to you to join us by participating in our community support campaign. For over a decade, the Hacienda Helping Hands campaign has been active in the Tri-Valley community in a variety of ways to help preserve and enhance the quality of life enjoyed in this unique area. Please join Hacienda's owners, investors, businesses and other affiliates in our efforts to address critical needs in the Tri-Valley.

Campaign Initiatives

Annually, Hacienda receives many requests for support so Hacienda Helping Hands was created as a means of providing a meaningful way of responding to a variety of needs found in the area. The Hacienda Helping Hands campaign consists of a number of initiatives and strives to engage with the region at a number of levels:

  • Hacienda Helping Hands fundraising and granting have provided over $200,000 in direct financial contributions to over thirty deserving organizations.
  • Hacienda Helping Hands networking functions allow participants to collaborate directly with local elected officials and civic leaders to further community goals.
  • In partnership with Kaiser Permanente, the East Bay Community Foundation and the East Bay Leadership Council, Hacienda Helping Hands supports the Tri-Valley Anti-Poverty Collaborative in an effort designed to bring attention to poverty in the region and to help craft a long-term anti-poverty strategy.
  • Hacienda Helping Hands participates in a two decades-old tradition of assisting the Alameda County Community Food Bank with its annual holiday food drive.
  • Participation in the Pillars of the Tri-Valley has established a means to help strengthen ties between businesses and community organizations.
  • Special initiatives provide help and support when it is most needed.

Community Based Grant Support

Hacienda Helping Hands has been able to provide grants to locally-serving social profit organizations with missions to work in six key philanthropic areas: youth development and education, family strengthening, senior assistance, access to healthcare and healthy living, affordable housing and solutions to homelessness, and arts and culture. Examples of recent grants include:

  • Alameda County Community Food Bank in support of challenge grants for their annual holiday food drive ($7,500)
  • Assistance League of Amador Valley in support of programs to help children ($5,000)
  • Axis Community Health in support of their new medical clinic ($10,000) and dental clinic ($10,000)
  • Child Care Links in support of their diaper bank ($2,000)
  • Close-up Foundation in support of student scholarships ($2,100)
  • La Familia in support of scholarships for the Alameda County District Attorney's Justice Academy youth program ($5,000)
  • Open Heart Kitchen in support of a new vehicle for community services ($5,000)
  • Sandra J. Wing in support of their caregiver seminar series ($2,250)
  • Senior Support Program of the Tri-Valley in support of their SOAR and Health Screening initiatives ($10,000)
  • Tri-Valley Anti-Poverty Collaborative in support of their regional convening on poverty issues ($15,000)
  • Tri-Valley Haven in support of their food pantry and Holiday Program ($15,000)

We welcome contributions in support of this work. Our hope is that you will take this opportunity to help grow our Hacienda Helping Hands fund so that we can continue making grants to these and other deserving Tri-Valley organizations.

What Lies Ahead

We hope that you will continue to support this special effort. Over the years, we have found that the alliance formed between Hacienda’s owners, investors, businesses and affiliates has been a powerful way of making a real difference. That difference directly translates into the vibrant quality of life that makes the Tri-Valley so attractive as a place to live and work. Look for announcements soon about upcoming Hacienda Helping Hands events and activities or feel free to contact us should you like additional details about our current initiatives.

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