We hope that you will continue the spirit of participation established by Hacienda Helping Hands by contributing at whatever level you can give to our Hacienda Helping Hands fund. These funds are used to make important contributions to worthy local social profit organizations on behalf of the owners and businesses within Hacienda. Your welcome contribution to this effort can easily be made to our Donor Advised Fund at the non-profit East Bay Community Foundation.

Making A Donation

Making a donation is simple. Donations can be delivered using the contact information below or made online by selecting 'Hacienda Helping Hands' from the menu labeled 'Component Fund'.

Payee: Hacienda Helping Hands Fund at East Bay Community Foundation (EBCF)
Memo: For the Hacienda Helping Hands Fund
Mail: 200 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza Oakland, California 94612
East Bay Community Foundation (EIN #94-6070996)
Attention: Alexandra Aquino-Fike

East Bay Community Foundation Partnership

Management of contributions to and donations from our Hacienda Helping Hands Fund are performed under the auspices of the East Bay Community Foundation ( ), one of the largest sources of philanthropic support for the East Bay. Donations to the Hacienda Helping Hands Fund are tax exempt. An acknowledgment and appropriate documentation pertaining to the tax exempt status of your contribution will be sent on receipt of your donation.

Key Supporters

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those we work with for their participation in our Hacienda Helping Hands community giving initiative. Companies such as Kaiser Permanente, Chamberlin Associates, Oracle, 1st United Services Credit Union, Ellis Partners LLC, Colliers International and many more have been instrumental in making our past work a success and have helped our campaign to make substantive contributions to the Tri-Valley. This thanks extends to you as well. Perhaps you have been a part of one of our events, given of your time or talent to support a locally based social profit organization through one of our programs, or donated money that has, in turn, helped dozens of local community groups through a Hacienda Helping Hands grant to do the work they do to enrich Tri-Valley life.

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