Project Overview

Hacienda has crafted the perfect balance of premium amenities and affordability for a high return on your investment. It also offers sustainable business practices and a central location that gives employees an easier commute and residents an unmatched quality of life.

Build Your Success Story at Hacienda

Of course, choosing an office location is also about atmosphere, convenience and value. All these things can be found at Hacienda, which has been thoughtfully designed. Its beautifully landscaped buildings, environmentally aware practices, convenient location, and customer service result in satisfied tenants and investors.

Our Hacienda location gives us a great leg up on acquiring and retaining top talent.
Tim Roche, Senior Manager, Facilities, Oracle

Below is an overview of the many benefits Hacienda offers. Be sure to explore all of the Project Overview sections to get more detailed information about Hacienda, including the importance of its location, its notable tenants, valuation data, sustainability practices, history, and more.

Premium Amenities

Hacienda's premium amenities include everything needed for business success. This amenity package includes a host of programs and services, including:

  • A robust infrastructure of telecommunications, power, transportation, water, and other vital amenities including nearby BART and train stations as well as ample parking.
  • Outstanding business employee benefits such as a customized Commute Resource Center; excellent schools, tutoring services, and after-school programs; and nearby restaurants, gyms, shopping, and healthcare services.
  • Easy access to nature with over 12 acres of parks in the heart of the development. Nearby Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park spans over 5,000 acres; its multipurpose trails accommodate hikers, equestrians, and bicyclists. Local golf courses are also plentiful.
  • Special business security programs. Patrols, available to all tenants, circulate the park 24 hours a day. Park users are also offered everything from educational programs to free security and safety inspections.

High Return on Investment

Hacienda offers a great value to its businesses tenants, who can expect a high return on their investment for the reasons documented in Tri-Valley Rising 2018. Those reasons include:

  • Affordability. When it comes to Bay Area business expenses and costs of living, Hacienda is a smart choice. Consider that in 2018, the cost of commercial office space in the Tri-Valley averaged $32.04 per square foot, according to Tri-Valley Rising 2018, an independent report from the Bay Area Council Economic Institute. In contrast, commercial office space averaged $74.17 per square foot in San Francisco and $52.20 per square foot in Silicon Valley.
  • Central location. Ideally placed at the junction of two major interstate freeways (I-580 and I-680), Hacienda is about halfway between San Francisco to the northwest and Silicon Valley to the southwest.
  • Easy access to the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the most powerful and productive economies in the world. Your business has easy access to world markets via the San Francisco and Oakland International Airports and four local shipping ports.
  • An easier commute for most employees compared to the daily gridlock between San Francisco and Silicon Valley.
  • A highly educated and skilled labor force drawn to the area by two National Laboratories, the biotech hub, excellent schools, and the region's noted quality of life. As detailed in Tri-Valley Rising 2018, 26% of Tri-Valley adults have attained a graduate or professional degree, compared to 19% for the Bay Area and 12% for California as a whole.
  • Outstanding business resources such as the Livermore Valley Open Campus, which allows private companies to draw on the expertise of Lawrence Livermore and Sandia National Laboratories.

Quality of Life

Hacienda is located in Pleasanton, California, which was recognized by USA Today in 2014 and in 2017 as one of the "Best Places to Live" in the US. Residents enjoy a high quality of life thanks to top-rated schools, natural beauty, excellent weather, and a city government that supports both business and culture. Please visit for more information.

Contact Us Today

The Hacienda Visitors Center is open weekdays from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. For more information on how Hacienda can help your company build its success story here, drop by for a visit. You may also contact us using the information on our website.

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