Hacienda provides a robust infrastructure designed to support a wide variety of business endeavors. The power, telecommunications, water, and transportation resources available provide a rich environment where businesses thrive.

From first-rate utilities to cutting-edge fiber optics to SmartPoles to electric vehicle charging stations, Hacienda is fully equipped to nurture a wide variety of companies. Continuous investment in new services and new technology means that businesses locating at Hacienda have the ability to secure and maintain a competitive edge.


Hacienda's electrical service is highly ranked in reliability by local power utility Pacific Gas & Electric, and can meet the needs of the most technologically advanced companies. In addition, Hacienda can facilitate the use of back-up, auxiliary, and clean power systems as it has for a number of existing tenants.

We've found a great home for our business in Hacienda. With easy access to those in the surrounding areas, we've been able to develop our business and our passion for what we do.
Jennifer Burton, Principal and Director of New Business, Interior Motions


Significant investments in fiber-optic facilities have been made in Hacienda. Access to up to three different SONET or redundant fiber networks is available in various locations throughout the development. Hacienda has also established utility easements throughout the development to allow for private connections between buildings and the development of personalized in-park networks.

In 2016, Hacienda developed a partnership to install innovative SmartPole fixtures that both supports Hacienda's commitment to energy efficient lighting and allows for the introduction of new facilities to boost wireless broadband network services for Hacienda tenants and residents. This deployment is one of many examples of Hacienda's dedication to keeping cutting-edge communications technology available to meet tenant needs.


Hacienda's infrastructure fully supports company operations that require secured water and sewer services. The local water wholesaler, Zone 7 Water District, works with the City of Pleasanton to provide a dependable supply of this vital resource and the distribution network to move water throughout the area.

Water is provided by three separate sources: the state water project, surface runoff harvesting, and groundwater. The combination of these three sources helps ensure consistent water delivery, even if one source should become unavailable.

Plans are also under way to increase the local water supply by augmenting existing sources and developing new sources to ensure the region has access to sustainable, long-term supplies of water well into the future.


Hacienda offers abundant local and regional transit connections for connecting to markets and labor throughout the greater Bay Area and beyond. Located at the junction of the I-580 and I-680 freeways, Hacienda offers easy access to three international airports; multiple ports; and convenient train, bus, and BART services.

Business visitors and employees who drive to work will appreciate Hacienda's ample parking availability as well. Parking areas accommodate a variety of needs with nearly 100 electric vehicle charging stalls installed at 21 different projects on the property.

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