Employees and Residents

Hacienda is a place where people want to be because employees and residents at Hacienda enjoy some of the finest services available. Whether you are looking for first class amenities for working or living, the ultimate in commuting assistance or want a great deal on a meal or entertainment, Hacienda has something to serve your needs.

Value Added Everywhere

Employees and residents have access to a myriad of services often within walking distance of their office or home. In addition, people at Hacienda will find that a number of value added benefits have been specifically designed for them to make their day to day life that much more enjoyable:

  • Hacienda is home to thousands of employees and residents, many of whom commute into and out of the park. To simplify and reduce the cost of commuting, a variety of transportation links, some of which are free, have been developed to provide park users with an easy connection to their destinations. Hacienda also has a customized Commute Resource Center that allows you to plan the best path of travel between home and work with details on the many special offers, discounts and incentives available for all the various modes of commuting available.
  • Hacienda's Security Program has a number of elements to help make the park secure and safe. Patrols, available to all tenants, circulate the park 24 hours a day. Park users are also offered everything from educational programs to free security and safety inspections.
  • Hacienda has what is arguably the finest child care in the nation at the Hacienda Child Development Center. Incorporating components of successful child care programs from around the world, the center was designed specifically for children. In addition, several additional child care, education and support resources are available at facilities located throughout the development. Park employees and residents are eligible for discounts and priority placement at many of these locations.
  • Hacienda has secured a number of special benefits for employees and tenants. Several local attractions, as well as Hacienda businesses themselves, have extended discount offers to both tenants and residents.
  • Hacienda and the Tri-Valley offer a variety of housing opportunities. Many families both live and work at Hacienda. Townhome communities can be found at Verona and Siena. Single family detached homes are found at Valencia and Avila, and rental housing is found at Archstone and Springhouse.
  • Need a breath of fresh air? For people who enjoy outdoor recreation, Hacienda has many options right inside the park. Owens Plaza Park, Creekside Park and Hacienda’s Linear Park combine for over 12 acres of parks in the heart of the development. Minutes away, you can find hundreds of acres of parkland and recreational opportunities.

Virtual Concierge

This is just a sample of the services you will find for employees and residents alike at Hacienda. We pride ourselves on delivering those who work and live here with an experience second to none. Please also feel free to contact our office if you have a special request. Our large inventory of resources are available to help address any need.

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