Commute Solutions

Hacienda knows our employees and residents need solutions for their commute. In response, Hacienda has created a nationally recognized comprehensive program to address commuting needs. This program meets all the required conditions to attain a national standard of excellence in commuting programs.

Hacienda is home to thousands of employees and residents. Much of this population commutes between the park and surrounding cities. Because of the high volume of commuters, a variety of transportation links with outlying areas have been developed to help connect park users with both their living and working destinations.

You can start planning your ideal commute with Hacienda's customized Commuter Resource Center. This special online tool not only combines the latest information about commute modes you can use to take you from home to work, it will also tell you about the different programs available that will help make your commute more efficient, more productive and less expensive.

Knowing that people need choices in order to accomplish their commuting goals, we have assembled a number of program options to make it easy to design a custom commute solution. Through Hacienda’s comprehensive set of services, all in one place, you can:

  • obtain your free WHEELS Ecopass allowing you a free ride on the local transit system,
  • try a free trip on a number of other nearby rail and bus services,
  • get a free carpool or vanpool matchlist,
  • learn about local transit options and the location of park transit stops,
  • discover walking and bicycling support services,
  • secure a free Guaranteed Ride Home when you use a commute alternative,
  • receive individual support in planning your commute,
  • and much, much more!

Hacienda's commuting benefits are part of our Special Offers program. For specific information on these program components and how to use them to improve your commute, visit the selections under the Commute heading in the Special Offers section.

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