Childcare and Education

As an integral part of any community, Hacienda has long recognized the importance of childcare and education in supporting the park's families. At Hacienda, both public and private education options are available including: preschools, elementary and middle schools, heritage schools and tutoring.

Childcare and Preschool

Hacienda built the Hacienda Child Development Center childcare facility on-site, now operated by HeadsUp!, after studying state-of-the-art designs and meeting with experts in the field of childcare the world over. In addition, several other preschools also call Hacienda home including a Montessori based learning facility and schools offering both English and Chinese programs for young learners.

Public and Private Education

Public schools and private education opportunities are within easy reach. A private elementary and middle school as well as a public middle school are both located within Hacienda. Hacienda is also home to several independent education organizations and heritage schools catering to multi-ethnic development, culture immersion and academic enrichment in both English and Chinese languages.


Hacienda has a wide selection of enhanced education opportunities as well. Many tutoring facilities are located throughout the park offering supplemental education for subjects such as music, language, math and more.

For a complete listing of our current tenants providing educational services, visit our Business Locator and search on any of the foregoing classifications. Details are also available in our Special Offers section concerning unique opportunities being extended for these services.

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