Hacienda Helping Hands conducts a number of events throughout the year in support of our campaign. These offer a great way to support the initiative and the beneficiaries of the campaign.

Fundraising events, such as our Taste of Summer barbecue competition, allow for people to get together in a fun setting to support Hacienda Helping Hands with donations. Networking events, such as the Pillars of the Tri-Valley, allow businesses to interact directly with local organizations to help match support opportunities with the volunteer needs of individual organizations. Educational functions, such as the Tri-Valley Poverty Awareness event, provide a means of educating people on issues of importance in the community. Granting events, such as our year-end community celebrations, create a special occassion to recognize and support local organizations in their work and the people and businesses that provide direct contributions to that support. For details on how to stay up to date on all upcoming events and activities, visit the Initiatives page under Hacienda Helping Hands and learn how to sign up to receive bulletins and announcements.

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