Published September 16, 2014
Volume 22, Number 9

The Quad Offers Five Fitness Choices in One Location
New Concept for a Different Approach to Fitness

The Quad
Greg Lewis, General Manager of The Quad FitMall, located on W. Positas Blvd., in Hacienda.

By Zoe Francis

The Quad FitMall offers five distinct workout studios under one roof with the added bonuses of locker rooms, showers and childcare.
The innovative new concept in health clubs features barre, CrossFit, boxing and high-altitude training, plus an area for general workouts, to cater to a broad spectrum of fitness enthusiasts.
“We have something for everyone,” general manager Greg Lewis said. “The general concept behind how The Quad works is we take what would be five stand-alone studios and bring all five of those to one location under one roof.”
“We still treat them separately as business,” he continued. “You can have just a barre membership or just a CrossFit membership. That’s how we got the FitMall name. They’re all in one mall, but they operate individually.”
The Quad FitMall is owned by Pleasanton-based Leisure Sports, which also owns ClubSport and other fitness facilities. The firm’s newest facility, which opened in April, features Absolute Barre, CrossFit NST (never stop training), Concrete Boxing and the high-altitude AirFit. Q Fitness is the general workout area.
“AirFit is an altitude training room,” Lewis said of the one-of-a-kind studio. “We can make (the altitude seem) as high as 22,000 feet. It’s the largest facility of its type in North America.”
“What studies have shown is that you’re able to get a better workout in a shorter period of time,” he explained. “What could take you an hour (normally) could take you 45 or 50 (minutes at high altitude). When you’re working out, your goal is to elevate your heart rate in a safe way. When you’re at a higher altitude, your heart rate is automatically accelerated.”
While AirFit tends to draw elite athletes training for mountain climbs or triathlons, “anyone can benefit in that room,” he noted. “You don’t have to be an elite-level athlete. Maybe you’re somebody who only has an hour for lunch, so you want to go into that room to get a great workout.”
Absolute Barre “is a fusion between ballet and yoga with a little bit of Pilates,” Lewis said. “Ballet barre's surround the room. It really focuses on core stability, flexibility and balance. It’s a low-impact class and a great way to get a good workout.”
CrossFit NST is everything people expect when they think of CrossFit training.
“The basis of CrossFit classes is strength training and a high-intensity workout,” he said. “In those classes, we have all of the equipment that most CrossFit boxes may have, which is barbells, weights, pull-up bars, kettle bells. We have rings and ropes that hang from the ceiling. Most of the workouts are done in sequence.”
The boxing studio covers boxing, kickboxing and conditioning.
“It’s not a boxing ring,” he clarified. “We hang about 20 heavy bags that can slide back and forth across the room. We have monkey bars. For the most part, we open up the space and do a lot of functional movement in there. It’s not contact boxing. You’ll learn a lot of the techniques, but it’s not the same as a gym where you come in with headgear and you do rounds.”
Finally, Q Fitness offers a workout area complete with basic exercise equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines, stair climbers and weights.
“We’re really looking to see what could keep us on the cutting edge and what we could do differently,” Lewis said of The Quad FitMall. “There aren’t, as far as I know, any businesses like this.”
Monthly memberships are $189 for access to all studios or $159 for one studio (plus a $49 processing fee). Memberships include access to Q Fitness. Q Fitness only is $40 per month. Individual sessions are available at 10 for $200, 20 for $360 or 30 for $480. Leisure Sports members are eligible for discounts. Childcare is available for an additional fee.  The Quad also provide a Special Offer, to Hacienda Employees and Residents, available at www.hacienda.org/specialoffer/details/The%20Quad.
Learn more about The Quad FitMall, located at 5860 W. Las Positas Blvd., at thequadfit.com.


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