Hacienda has a number of ways of providing a thorough overview of the services and benefits available at the park and in the region. Even someone who is completely unfamiliar with what the area has to offer can easily become acquainted with Hacienda, Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley in a very short time. New businesses and employees, residents and even long-standing affiliates, can receive such an introduction using our customized materials.

A Complete Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of Hacienda and environs through our web site. Here you will find everything ranging from project information to a complete directory of tenants who make Hacienda their home. Information on our unique employee and resident programs may be found in the Living + Working section under the Services heading. An interactive map showing details on a variety of park services can be found using the Service Locator under the Reference heading.

Our web pages also contain links to a number of other resources and materials may be ordered from our extensive library of information. In addition to the content found on our web site, customized electronic messages and e-mails have been prepared for your use to answer frequently asked questions about the park and park services. These messages can be used as content for your companies intranet or sent out via company e-mail as a bulletin. Best of all, these items can be tailored to meet your particular needs and interests.

Everything You Wanted To Know

Special orientation packages provide general information on Hacienda as well as details on the programs and services the park offers to its tenants and residents. These packages can be custom made and, along with our program descriptions, typically include a map of Hacienda to orient people with the park and details on how to use online resources. Hacienda is home to many retail establishments including four shopping centers and over 75 individual retail businesses and restaurants. Special brochures highlight the fact that there is a lot to do at Hacienda outside the office and after hours. The location of restaurants, services, retail stores and entertainment throughout Hacienda is also presented in the package. Round out your package with materials from the community and region to learn more about attractions in Pleasanton and the Tri-Valley. Best of all, these packages can be ordered in any quantity needed to provide a personalized resource for employees and residents.

Audio Bulletin Board

An automated audio bulletin board is available to give you 24-7 access to information about the park. To reach the main bulletin board simply dial: (925) 734-6550. Specific topic areas are also available off the main phone number or may be accessed by direct dial as follows:

  • Transportation (Press 1) [Direct: (925) 734-6551]
  • Security (Press 2) [Direct: (925) 734-6552]
  • Business Services (Press 3) [Direct: (925) 734-6553]
  • Amenities (Press 4) [Direct: (925) 734-6554]
  • Park Development (Press 5) [Direct: (925) 734-6555]
  • NETWORK (Press 6) [Direct: (925) 734-6556]

Customized Presentations

Would you like assistance providing your office or group with a special presentation on Hacienda? Customized presentations on the park tailored to suit your interests and needs are available. Whether you are new to the park or simply want to let new or long-standing employees hear about the latest in Hacienda programs and services, our staff is ready to meet with you and provide you with all the details.

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