Hacienda's infrastructure has also been planned and implemented with the needs of a first class community in mind. Hacienda was designed with power, telecommunications, and other critical services in the quantities necessary to support almost any endeavor.

Hacienda is one of the few locations anywhere with as many as three companies providing fiber optic network service: Time Warner Telecom, MCI and AT&T Broadband all have their own fiber optic networks within the park, configured in synchronous optical network (SONET) format, a redundant circuit which protects against outage due to cable damage or equipment failure.

Hacienda's electricity supply is equally robust. Thanks to the installation of new circuits, switches, and substations, Hacienda's electrical service is ranked highly in reliability by Pacific Gas & Electric. With features like remotely operable and fused switches, consistent power service is delivered throughout the park.

Other important needs have not been forgotten either. A premier road network ties the development together in a tree-lined setting with easy access to both the regional road network and transit. Hacienda's infrastructure also gives full support for company operations which require secured water and sewer services as well.

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