Hacienda has a wealth of information about the overall development. A comprehensive set of records pertaining to all aspects of the project are available through the Hacienda Owners Association. From a full compendium of city ordinances that govern the park, to design guidelines to the park's own covenants, the Association can provide you with all of the materials you need related related to project design, approval and ultimate construction.

A special resource is available to owners in the form of an e-library containing documents specific to each project within Hacienda. Access to the e-library is made available to the appropriate project representative who can also, at their election, provide access to their affiliates as well.

The Association also monitors important aspects of project entitlement. Details on a number of development factors including traffic conditions, sewer capacity, water availability, project conditions and restrictions, mitigation requirements and more are all available through the Association's office.

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