The Hacienda Business Park Owners Association plays an integral role in making Hacienda a great place to work, live and do business. The Association is a private, non-profit corporation that maintains Hacienda's superior image by endeavoring to ensure that everything from the park's landscaping to its security is first rate.

Through careful management, work is done at the lowest possible cost and greatest convenience to landowners and to tenants.The Association was created in 1982 to help develop and maintain in Hacienda a cohesive, high-caliber environment; one that would attract new businesses and residents to the park, reflect the exemplary reputations of those already located here, and be an asset to the community. All Hacienda landowners are members of the Association.

Long-term Commitment

The Association represents Hacienda's long-term commitment to park owners, tenants and to Pleasanton. Even after Hacienda is completely developed, the Association will oversee its maintenance and work toward its continued excellence. The Association's mission is to serve landowners' interests, as well as those of every business, employee and resident in the park.

Association services are financed through annual assessments levied on an acreage basis to owners each month. By taking advantage of economies of scale and competitive bidding, the Association keeps operational costs low, maintaining Hacienda's enviable environment more cost-effectively than owners could individually. Studies also show the Association's services are 25 percent lower than the cost of normal city assessment districts. Hacienda is affordable, and everyone in the park enjoys a beautiful, neighborly setting that is known as one of the most prestigious addresses in Northern California.

Hacienda Documents

Summaries of the Association's activities and programs are presented each year in an annual report along with information on key milestones in Hacienda's maturation. Copies of these reports are available under the account library for owners.

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