Sales and Leasing

One of the important services available to owners are the resources available in support of owner leasing and sales efforts. Hacienda has a large repository of information designed to aid projects in their efforts to secure new tenants or to transfer property from one owner to the next.

Hacienda Materials

We believe that Hacienda is one of the finest business locations in the world and we want to assist you in delivering that message. Consider the following:

  • packages, in both printed and electronic formats, are available in any quantity you need to provide information to prospective tenants on the many benefits and services available at Hacienda;
  • customized reports and data summaries can be prepared to supply you with additional details on Hacienda's many advantages;
  • our display and conference rooms are available as a meeting location for client tours within Hacienda; and
  • our staff is available as a resource on the park's many features and may be called upon to meet with owners and their clients at any time.

Information on Hacienda is available in the Project Overview section of this site under the Location heading. A special selection of printed materials reflecting the information found in the pages of this section is also available directly from this site.

Orientation for Tenants

Tenant and employee service orientation information is available in the Amenities section of this site under their respective sections. A special selection of printed materials reflecting the information found in the pages of this section is also available in the Resource Center.

Additional Resources

Hacienda has a number of free online services that provide information on our programs. One of these, Hacienda Online!, distributes an electronic copy of our Pulse newsletter as well as bulletins with everything from updates on park amenities to news on important community events and activities. We also have two bulletins designed to provide information of interest to property owners and their agents: Hacienda Online ! Development Update and Hacienda Online ! Property Resource. Details on both of these bulletins along with ordering information are available by making the selection below.

Please also feel free to contact our office if we can host a meeting with you or prospective clients. Our display area is a perfect part of a tour of Hacienda properties. In addition, our staff is available to provide you with park resources or to answer questions about the development. A private conference room is also available for your use for client meetings. Feel free to contact our office using the link above to schedule an appointment.

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