Since its groundbreaking in 1982, Hacienda has actively supported and advanced sustainable design principles. Before the City of Pleasanton adopted its green building ordinance in 2002, Hacienda worked cooperatively with the city to develop projects that featured green buildings and components.

A Commitment to Green Structures

Today sustainable design elements are incorporated into every new project at Hacienda. Every office building constructed has been designed to comply with the US Green Building Council's LEED threshold standard and residential projects are designed to the Build It Green standards. In addition, some of Hacienda's projects have received national recognition through LEED certification.

Hacienda has got everything going for it.
Julie Remy, Senior Vice President and East Bay Regional Manager, Harsch Investment Properties

Promotion of Green Business and Standards

Hacienda leads by example in its efforts to promote sustainability. Its dedication to conservation starts in the Hacienda management office, which is recognized as a green business under the Alameda County Green Business Program. Hacienda also works with the county and other Hacienda businesses to help them achieve the same certification.

The Hacienda management office, including facilities and practices, went through a rigorous analysis to be certified under the program. As part of the program, the Hacienda office uses green products and practices in landscaping and purchasing, and its facilities are upgraded with environmentally sustainable features such as energy-efficient lighting and low-flow toilets. Many Hacienda programs are operated with similar objectives including conformance with Alameda County's waste management objectives.

Hacienda regularly promotes diverse sustainability goals. Whether through water conservation, commute assistance, energy reduction, waste diversion, or education, Hacienda advances best sustainability practices at every opportunity.

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