Hacienda has significantly reduced the energy demand for its infrastructure. It has done this by actively reducing the demand placed on the electrical system through a variety of upgrades, including the installation of energy-efficient equipment and clean energy systems. In conjunction with the City of Pleasanton, Hacienda conducted energy-efficient lighting retrofits throughout the development on selected features. These include the development's traffic signals, street lights, bus shelters, and decorative lighting.

At Hacienda, sustainable design elements are incorporated into every new project and each building constructed complies with the US Green Building Council's LEED threshold standard. Project owners of new construction strive to make buildings as energy efficient as possible. Several projects in Hacienda have pursued clean energy generation. Large solar arrays are located on eleven Hacienda sites and fuel cells are located at three sites. Cogeneration has also been used at a Hacienda project to provide more efficient use of energy.

Hacienda also supports tenants who seek clean power and energy-efficient upgrades. Many individual Hacienda projects have realized significant energy savings through a variety of retrofit programs.


Source: Hacienda Owners Association, 2020

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