After Alameda County established an aggressive waste reduction goal, Hacienda and its businesses worked to meet this challenge directly. Hacienda businesses have been at the forefront of vitally important waste reduction efforts, often implementing internal changes that further waste reduction goals. Through innovations in packaging reduction and distribution, Hacienda businesses have been leaders in making waste reduction procedures a standard business practice.

While Pleasanton's construction debris ordinance helps ensure that construction and demolition byproducts are recycled, waste reduction efforts in Pleasanton have focused primarily on residential waste. Hacienda supports the county and city goals to reduce waste and goes beyond their requirements whenever possible.

Hacienda has worked with the City of Pleasanton and the local garbage franchise operator as part of participating in waste reduction efforts. In addition to education efforts, Hacienda sponsors recycling events that divert a variety of waste, including paper and e-waste, away from local landfills.

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