San Francisco Bay Area Region

Hacienda has a central location near the geographic center of the San Francisco Bay Area. This prime location provides ideal access to markets, labor, and the wealth of resources associated with one of the largest economies in the world. The nine-county Bay Area has a population of more than 7 million people in nine counties and 101 cities.

In fact, no other business center in the area can compete with the regional resources that Hacienda's location, connections, and amenities provide. The San Francisco Bay Area is internationally renowned as a significant business and cultural center and is the top region for venture capital investments. In the fourth quarter of 2017, 28% of national venture capital investment and 87% of California's venture capital investment went to Bay Area companies-including companies at Hacienda. The region filed more patents per person, 34,324 international patents between 2011 and 2015, than any other city ranked by AT Kearney.

The Tri-Valley area, located within the greater East Bay, is a key economic contributor to this region with a distinct and advantageous combination of innovation and accessibility. Within the Tri-Valley, the City of Pleasanton provides a first-class setting for the wellspring of innovation and talent that helps drive the regional economy in a community whose very name is synonymous with quality of life.

Tables below show Hacienda's location in terms of commute times, airports, cargo ports, universities, and more. As the data show, the development's central location within the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the many benefits that make Hacienda a compelling choice for business leaders, investors, and residents.

Convenient Access to Markets, Transit, and Housing

Hacienda tenants and residents have immediate access to two major Interstate freeways, I-580 and I-680, as well as many other forms of transportation. Because of its central location, Hacienda has all of the Bay Area's commercial centers, customers, suppliers, housing options, universities, airports, cargo ports, and three national labs within reach.

Moreover, Hacienda tenants experience a "reverse commute", which means that driving times during rush hour are sometimes half of what others experience in the traditional commute direction. Hacienda's unique location makes it the only major Bay Area development that can easily tap into the more affordable and rapidly growing housing supply of the Central Valley. This gives employers the opportunity to offer a premier work location with a wide variety of housing.

Nowhere in California have traffic mitigation, regional transportation planning, and cost-effective infrastructure improvements been handled as successfully as they are in Pleasanton. Hacienda and the City of Pleasanton have received national recognition for their intelligent planning, resolve, and resourcefulness in making this connectivity a reality.

Better Transit Is Good for Business

With trains arriving at the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station at Hacienda every 15 minutes during commute hours, employers at Hacienda have access to labor pools well beyond the traditional 30-minute automobile commute. These trains are augmented by over a half-dozen other transit services that interconnect with BART at the Hacienda station. Businesses can choose from a variety of regional transit services to increase their connection with the region. Moreover, as the eastern terminus of the rail system and the mass transit hub of the I-680 corridor, the Hacienda station - and Hacienda itself - is a major attraction to shoppers, commuters, and nearby residents who will use the station's surrounding amenities and services.

Well beyond these initial improvements, efforts continue to ensure the free flow of traffic in and around Pleasanton. Through local sales tax measures, state bonds, and federal funds, Hacienda is the beneficiary of major improvements to the local highway network and transit systems. These investments, which have increased in recent years, mean that Hacienda businesses will see continued benefits for the foreseeable future.

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