California. San Francisco Bay Area. Alameda County. Tri-Valley. Pleasanton. Hacienda sits at the center of the world's sixth largest economy and at the hub of one of the strongest economic sectors imaginable. The San Francisco Bay Area is arguably the most economically diverse region in the United States. Within this region, Hacienda is supported by a phenomenal wealth of resources. Any examination of the area's economic productivity quickly demonstrates that Pleasanton, the Tri-Valley and Alameda County will continue to lead the way in economic productivity.

East Bay
Since the 1980s, the East Bay has been the fastest growing part of the Bay Area. With nearly a third of the Bay Area's workforce, world-class universities and research laboratories, a highly educated workforce and prime land available for commercial, industrial and residential construction, the East Bay has seen strong economic gains over the last decade – proof that the area and its job centers are important economic engines. Add to this the high quality of life found in the region, and it is easy to understand the East Bay's burgeoning popularity. 

Alameda County
The East Bay has significant economic clusters, geographic concentrations of interdependent businesses in related industries that fuel economic growth and act as indicators of the region's health. The East Bay Economic Development Alliance (EBEDA), a county organization whose mission is to foster the East Bay business climate, uses certain clusters as key indicators. These clusters include:
  • computers and related electronics
  • environmental technology
  • food processing
  • healthcare technology
  • multimedia technology
  • motion picture and television
  • telecommunications
EBEDA performed cluster analysis to provide a comprehensive view of linkages within industries, as well as the types of economic activities that make up an industry cluster. Results consistently show that Alameda County is an important part of the area economy, with a diverse array of industries that include:
  • agriculture
  • computers and related electronics industry
  • food processing
  • multi-media technology including video, audio, text, graphics hardware and software, and related creative industries
  • shipping ports
  • telecommunications
This tremendous economic diversity supports the health of the business climate. This health is further reflected in returns from the region overall and in the performance of the clusters.

Mirroring trends in Alameda County, the Tri-Valley has also become a magnet for business. The area continues to experience growth in telecommunications, software and related industries. Studies conducted by the Tri-Valley Business Council have continually demonstrated that the Tri-Valley is a significant source of entrepreneurial talent and a location with a proven track record.
The Tri-Valley has seen an amazing growth in entrepreneurialism over the last decade. The emergence of the Tri-Valley as an innovation economy has come as a result of the special features found in the area.
Strong relationships with key public institutions also help keep the innovation tap flowing. Private industry can take advantage of the rich resources of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories through the Livermore Valley Open Campus.
This public-private partnership allows business to work alongside lab experts to find solutions that bolster the economy and national security. Thanks to programs like Open Campus, pure research done by the labs can easily flow to the marketplace in the form of new business and products.

Because the Tri-Valley has arrived at this exciting destination point as a high-quality, innovation economy, it has fostered an important business trait: competitive advantage. Simply put, businesses have a higher chance of success in the Tri-Valley, where they interact with the best and brightest. These same best and brightest are what you will find at Hacienda. Businesses that add their address to Hacienda find themselves in truly good company.

The strengths and economic diversity demonstrated by Alameda County economic indicators are represented in a microcosm in Pleasanton, with significant growth in many areas. As Pleasanton continues to prosper with the addition of more business, commercial space and residences, tax revenue is increasing, helping to maintain the high level of city services that people associate with the community.

Pleasanton is an established magnet for employers and employees. This has resulted in strong cluster performance, and many of Pleasanton's largest businesses are in Hacienda. Historically these businesses have included research and development firms, light manufacturing, retail clusters and medical institutions such as hospitals and clinics.

The city boasts an active business community that works directly with civic leaders and city administrators to maintain a fertile business environment. Hacienda businesses can also access a wide variety of business resource services, from job training to investment opportunities and business advocacy.

Pleasanton, Alameda County and the East Bay continue to provide unprecedented opportunities for businesses to locate and grow. The many diverse economic sectors provide excellent employment opportunities for workers, in a community with an unmatched quality of life. This broad-based economy creates a healthy balance of commerce and industry that remains stable and continues to flourish.

Hacienda is a leading contributor to the local economy with its aggregation of high-value businesses and employment opportunities. Economic sectors noted as significant in the greater East Bay are well represented in Hacienda; whose companies are key constituents of these sectors.

One measure of the value of the value of Hacienda's economic contribution is through the park's index. With a starting value of 1,000 set on January 1, 1998, Hacienda has used an arithmetic average index, such as the one used to compute the Dow Jones, to map the collective impact of the development's publically traded companies. Historic data on the Hacienda Index can be found in the archived pages of our Network and Pulse newsletters which can be found at: The current value of the index and the index constitutents are shown below.

Source: Financial Steward Associates, LLC, 2018

Hacienda Index Table

Source: Financial Steward Associates, LLC, 2018