Most business locations understand that businesses require basic services to function. At Hacienda, this support far surpasses basic operational needs.

Nurturing Environment
Hacienda's infrastructure provides a rich environment where businesses can thrive. Hacienda was designed with power, telecommunications, water and transportation resources available in quantities that will support nearly any endeavor. From first rate utilities to cutting edge fiber optics, Hacienda is fully equipped to nurture a wide variety of business endeavors.

Infrastructure That Performs
Today's businesses expect their facilities to perform on demand. Hacienda understands this need, and that needs change as a business matures. That is why such a high value is placed on seeing that the very best infrastructure is installed and maintained.

Telecommunications     The telecommunications needs of the business community are growing at an explosive rate. The demand for faster and higher volume telecommunication service is greater than ever due to increasing reliance on the internet. Huge investments have been made in Hacienda's fiber optic facilities. Access to up to three different SONET or redundant fiber networks is available in various locations throughout the development. Hacienda has also established utility easements throughout the development to allow for private connections between buildings and the development of personalized in-park networks.

Power    Thanks to the installation of new circuits, switches and substations, Hacienda's electrical service is ranked in the top 5% in reliability by Pacific Gas & Electric. Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) has completed a massive upgrade to the regional distribution system that can meet the needs of the most technologically advanced worksites. With PG&E's regular maintenance of the power distribution system, including infrared inspection of all equipment and connections, tenants in Hacienda find these sites have more than enough electricity. A number of projects within the development also enjoy the use of back-up, auxiliary and clean power systems facilitated by Hacienda.

Water     Hacienda's infrastructure gives full support for company operations that require secured water and sewer services. The local water wholesaler, Zone 7 Water District, works with the City of Pleasanton to provide a dependable supply of this vital resource and the distribution network to move water throughout the area. Water is provided by three separate sources: the state water project, surface runoff harvesting and groundwater. The combination of these three sources helps insure water delivery, even in the event that one source becomes unavailable. Plans are also underway to increase the local water supply through augmentation of existing sources and the development of new sources so that a sustainable long-term supply of water is created.

Transportation      Transportation needs are well provided for at Hacienda. Clear, uncongested roads allow for quick and easy access to the neighboring business areas and two local interstates. Local and regional transit connections are abundant, and add another layer of connectivity to markets and labor throughout the greater Bay Area. At its onset, Hacienda made enormous investments in this connectivity. State and local agencies also have a long history of investing in roads and the transit system. This investment continues as capacity is added to the regional road network, and a variety of new transit services are planned and implemented.