Hacienda is a comprehensive mixed-use project with housing, public transit and services integrated into the development. Hacienda has created a true work, live, play community that is good for the environment, employees and business. Hacienda has been advancing sustainable design principles for nearly 20 years. Before Pleasanton adopted a green building ordinance in December, 2002, Hacienda and the City of Pleasanton worked cooperatively to develop projects that feature green buildings.

Sustainable design elements are incorporated into every new project in Hacienda. Every building constructed since the late 1990s has been designed to comply with the US Green Building Council's LEED threshold standard. Some have gone on to receive national recognition through LEED certification.

Smart development at Hacienda has created a truly valuable location whose impact can be measured both by its fiscal and environmental returns. This impact will continue to grow as Hacienda advances its mixed-use philosophy of development.