Items for submission to all of our various publications are welcome. Hacienda is interested in providing information on a broad range of topics including:
  • Company profiles
  • Employee programs
  • Educational opportunities
  • Events
  • Community activities
  • ... and more!
Businesses inside Hacienda are particularly encouraged to submit press releases related to everything from company achievements to outstanding community involvement. Be sure to indicate the who, what, when, where, why and how of your topic. Due to the need to provide management of distribution and content, Hacienda reserves the right to make modifications or to reject material that does not meet our needs.

Pulse Newsletter
The Pulse newsletter is a free publication distributed once a month for the Hacienda community. Every issue of Pulse, distributed to thousands of people within Hacienda, features information about businesses and employees in the park as well as items of interest to the business community. We welcome submissions for publication consideration including: news releases, calendar events, advertisements, photographs or other material. Pulse offers a valuable opportunity for Hacienda tenants to promote themselves to fellow Hacienda tenants.

Hacienda Online!
Hacienda Online!, our free e-mail service provides electronic distribution of a number of items. Each month, the Pulse newsletter is distributed electronically through Hacienda Online!. In addition, items of interest to our online community are distributed through various bulletins which include: Connection, Community News, Property Resource and Development Update. Our events calendar and Special Offers program also release regular announcements to better inform our employees and residents about the latest in business networking opportunities, education, entertainment and discounts available to our affiliates.

Bulletin items sent out through the Connection and Community News services are done as the need of the particular item dictates and submissions for these services are taken regularly. Items published in our Pulse newsletter are scheduled several weeks in advance for publication on the third Tuesday of each month. Pulse also features our monthly calendar highlights as well as a monthly update on Hacienda's Special Offers program. See our Special Offers program under the About heading of any page on our web site for additional details.

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