Published January 21, 1997
Volume 5, Number 1

Dynamic Testing "Going Very Well" at BART

(With the opening of the Hacienda BART extension coming closer every day, Hacienda Network will be reporting on the project's progress every month. Look for the "BART Arrival" logo in subsequent issues for the latest information. —Jay Hipps, Editor)

Dynamic testing, the final critical stage before the opening of the Hacienda BART extension, is underway and proceeding satisfactorily according to a BART spokesman. 

Mike Healy, media and public affairs manager for the transit system, reports that "BART is now well into dynamic testing of the BARTsystem and things are going very well." 

Dynamic testing involves running the trains under simulated revenue service, with everything but the paying passengers. "It comes as close to simulating a revenue operation as possible," Healy explains. "It's really one of the final key steps as a prelude for getting the system ready for opening."The extension is scheduled to begin operating in early summer. BART officials have promised that a specific opening date would be announced at the completion of the dynamic testing stage. 


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