Published February 21, 1997
Volume 5, Number 2

Career Fair Seeks Business Representatives for Participation

The Tri-Valley Regional Occupational Program is seeking representatives from local businesses to give presentations on their careers to high school students who will be attending the ROP Career Fair, April 30. 

Pathways to the Future
The theme for this year's fair, which will be attended by over 2,500 students from grades six to 12, is "Pathways to the Future." The event takes place on Wednesday, April 30 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. at the Alameda County Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall. 

"Many teenagers spend their four years in high school getting ready to go to college without a focus on what they're going to do once they get there, or what area, direction, or pathway they want to go into," explains Milam. "We're not saying in any way that students need to get locked into a pathway, but a lot of times teenagers have a very small awareness of what's out there. If they think of 'health,' they think of doctor and nurse as opposed to the multitude of different positions that are available."

Business representatives will be encouraged to share knowledge of their careers, schooling or special training involved, and the advantages and disadvantages of that occupation. Those presenting information will also be asked to offer hands-on activities, where feasible, allowing students to experi ence real workday activities. 

"It's not a job fair, so they should not necessarily be thinking about recruiting," says Susan Milam, a project specialist with the ROP. "In fact, I instruct our presenters that they're not trying to sell their field. Everybody has something about their job that they don't like, and students need to know those things, too."

Sponsorships Available
The Tri-Valley ROP is seeking additional sponsors to help put on the event. While local school districts from Dublin, Livermore, Pleasanton and Sunol are helping with the event, they cannot provide any funding. That cost will be borne by the Tri-Valley Community Fund, Pleasanton Chamber of Com merce, and local civic groups and businesses. 

"It costs about $10,000 to put on this fair and we're happy to offer sponsorships to any company that would like to contribute to that," says Milam. 

Get in Touch
Anyone who wishes to participate in the event as either a presenter or a sponsor should contact Milam at the Tri-Valley ROP, 2600 Kitty Hawk Road, Suite 117, Livermore, 94550, or call (510) 455 -4800, extension 3012.


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