Published February 21, 1997
Volume 5, Number 2

Hacienda Shines in Holiday Food Drive  

Brendan Shea
Brendan Shea of Documentum, left, accepts the HaciendaFull Plate
Traveling Trophy from Dan Prather of the Alameda County Community Food Bank.

By Jay Hipps
Network Editor

Thanks to the generosity of 22 Hacienda companies, over 35,000 pounds of food and $8,000 were donated to the Alameda County Community Food Bank in the 1996 Holiday Food Drive. The amount far surpasses Hacienda Food Drive totals from previous years. 

"To bring that down to a human level, that amounts to 28,000 meals that Hacienda businesses helped us serve over the holidays," said Dan Prather, Holiday Food Drive coordinator. 

Leading the way again this year was Documentum, whose employees donated 19,392 pounds of food and $2,000, the equivalent of over 130 pounds per employee. As the company which collected the most pounds of food and dollars per employee, Documentum was awarded the inaugural Hacienda Full Plate Travelling Trophy. 

"It's more than a competitive thingit's a good feeling thing," said Brendan Shea, who spear headed Documentum's effort. 

The company held an internal competition by department to help stimulate interest in the drive. "The Documentum server team in engineering won. These guys were going out at lunch and coming back with pallets of food."

Nellcor Puritan Bennett employees collected 2,000 pounds of food along with $700, which man agement matched for a total of $3,400 and 2,000 pounds. 

PeopleSoft collected 2,000 pounds of food and $500 and also sent a large group of volunteers to the Food Bank to help sort incoming donations. "They were involved in all three ways that we look for support," said Prather.

Sun Diamond Growers, which donated product from their food cooperatives, and Paychex were also recognized for their donations.

Participating Hacienda companies included: 24 Hour Fitness Centers, AT&T, Buypass Corporation, Chrysler Corporation, Documentum, Inc., EBTEL Federal Credit Union, Farmers Insurance, Hewlett Packard Co., Hunter Travel Managers, J.C. Penney, Livingston Enterprises, Nellcor Puritan Bennett, Pacific Bell Communications, Paychex, PeopleSoft, Inc., Positive Communications, Remedy Corpora tion, Sprint PCS, State Farm Insurance, Sun Diamond Growers, Unisource, and ZACSON Corporation. 

The Alameda County Community Food Bank distributes over 6 million pounds of food each year to 260 member organizations, mostly soup kitchens and food pantries. 


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