Published February 21, 1997
Volume 5, Number 2

Lots of Restaurants on the Menu in Hacienda

From quick lunches to gourmet dinners, Hacienda offers a host of restaurants to satisfy anyone's tastes. Currently, over 20 restaurants serve Hacienda, with more on the way. 

Here's a list to keep handy next time you're ready for a meal:

Amelia's Deli/Bistro, 4825 Hopyard Road #2, (510) 734-8444, $4.50-6.00. Amelia's is an upscale deli and bistro which also offers catering. Specialties include salads, grilled and cold sandwiches, en trees, dessert and an espresso bar. 

Big Apple Bagels, 4555 Hopyard Road #13, (510) 460-3737, bagels $.60, sandwiches $3.95. Big Apple Bagels, a relative newcomer to the park, bakes 18 different kinds of bagels with 15 different cream cheese spreads. Sandwiches are made to order, along with a complete line of specialty coffees. 

Borders Books-Music & Cafe, 4575 Rosewood Drive, (510) 227-1412, $3.25-4.50. Borders serves wrap sandwiches made in-house as well as lasagna, quiche, soups, and other cafe fare, including past ries. 

The Cheese Steak Shop, 4825 Hopyard Road #20, (510) 734-0293, $4.00-6.00. In addition to their namesake cheese steaks, they offer hot chicken sandwiches, hamburgers, hoagies, and french fries. 

Chevys, 5877 Owens Drive, (510) 416-0451, $6.95-13.95. Chevys features Mexican food made with fresh ingredients, with fajitas as a specialty. Fanciful fruit margaritas are available at their full bar.

Chili's, 4801 Hopyard Road, (510) 734-0911, $6.00-$14.00. Chili's offers Tex-Mex cuisine, including salads, burgers and ribs. 

Domino's Pizza, 5692 Stoneridge Drive, (510) 460-1541, $8.65-17.99. Domino's offers a variety of pizzas, buffalo wings and garden salads for delivery or take-out. 

Faz America, 5121 Hopyard Road, (510) 460-0434, $2-8.95, breakfast; $7.95-14.95, lunch; and $9.95-17.95, dinner. Faz offers classic American cuisine in an elegant setting next to the Four Points Hotel. Specialties include wood-fired and smoked cuisine such as Chicago-style baby back ribs, prepared on Faz's custom wood-burning grill. Full-service catering is also offered.

Hasegawa Japanese Restaurant, 4855 Hopyard Road #6, (510) 734-0996, lunch $7; dinner $14. Hasegawa features traditional Japanese cooking, including fresh sushi and sashimi, teriyaki, and tempura.

Hickory Hams, 4555 Hopyard Road #11, (510) 734-9418, $4.39-6.79. Hickory Hams offers sandwiches made-to-order on a variety of fresh breads as well as salads and baked goods. The restaurant also serves as a retail outlet for their spiral-sliced, honey baked hams.

Hong Kong Express, 4555 Hopyard Road #5, (510) 734-8288, $5.99 lunch; $6.99 dinner. Hong Kong Express is a Chinese, all-you-can-eat buffet. 

Kimberly's Cafe, 5673 W. Las Positas Blvd. #220, (510) 734-6001, $2.95 and up Kimberly's Cafe serves freshly made soups and sandwiches for delivery or to eat on the premises. Kimberly's also offers catering. 

Lyon's Restaurant, 4889 Hopyard Road, (510) 734-9135, dinners from $7.99. Lyon's is a family restaurant open daily, 24 hours per day. Breakfast and lunch are also available.

McDonald's, 4501 Rosewood Drive (inside Wal*Mart), (510) 734-8744, $1.00-$4.00. McDonald's offers hamburgers as well as chicken and fish sandwiches. Breakfast is also available. 

Pedro's Restaurant & Cantina, 5075 Hopyard Road, (510) 225-9655, dinners $12.95 and up. Fine dining with a Mexican theme is the fare at Pedro's, which also offers a Sunday champagne brunch. Pedro's cantina features a full bar.

Pollo's, 4501 Hopyard Road #2, (510) 460-5454, $3.69-7.00. Pollo's serves Mexican food, includ ing burritos, quesadillas, and tacos, as well as rotisserie chicken. Don't miss their Thai chicken burrito. 

Round Table Pizza, 4855 Hopyard Road #1, (510) 847-0750, $4-$20. Round Table offers a variety of pizzas and sandwiches in addition to a salad bar. 

SUBWAY, 4555 Hopyard Road #23, (510) 460-0707, $2.99-$3.99. SUBWAY's menu features a vast selection of hot and cold sandwiches on fresh baked bread, as well as salads, chips, and cookies. 

Starbucks, 4555 Hopyard Road #15, (510) 468-0138, $1.00-6.00. Starbucks offers all kinds of coffee drinks, along with morning pastries like muffins and scones and desserts like brownies and cookies at night. Juices are available as well. 

Sweet & Savory Bakery, 5694 Stoneridge Drive, (510) 847-2911, $3.75-5.95. Homemade fresh food, innovative specials, large sandwiches, entree salads, and fresh baked goods are the drawing cards at Sweet & Savory. Catering is available as well.

Sweet Tomatoes, 4501 Hopyard Road #1, (510) 463-9285, $5.99-$7.19. Sweet Tomatoes features an all-you-can-eat soup and salad buffet including hot pasta, a bakery, and dessert. 

TCBY Yogurt, 4747 Hopyard Road #5, (510) 847-8229, $1.00-$5.00. Don't come here for an entree, but if you're after yogurts, cookies, ice cream or cake, you've come to the right place!

Una Mas Taqueria, 4515 Rosewood Drive #600, (510) 734-8226, $2.00-6.00. Una Mas serves traditional Mexican food, including tacos, burritos, tostadas and enchiladas. Una Mas offers catering as well, including a mammoth four-foot burrito that feeds 17 people.

Wienerschnitzel, 5681 Gibraltar Drive, (510) 460-0571, $1.00-$4.00. Wiener-schnitzel offers hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken sandwiches in addition to a breakfast menu that features burritos and croissants. 

More Coming Soon
Scheduled for opening in coming months are Arby's and Red Robin. 

Arby's will be located at the corner of Owens and Chabot drives. The restaurant will serve their trademark roast beef sandwiches as well as turkey, chicken and ham. Arby's is scheduled to open in May. 

Red Robin will take shape on a pad adjacent to Wal*Mart. The casual, family restaurant is expected to open by September.


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