Published June 16, 1997
Volume 5, Number 6

"Ask Cooking Light" Tour Brings Food, Recipes, More to Hacienda

Ask Cooking Tour
The "Ask Cooking Light" tour will stop in Hacienda on June 23 at 
Golden Grain.

Been looking for new ideas for culinary adventures around the kitchen? Golden Grain's Near East food products may be the answer. With the "Ask Cooking Light" tour making a stop in Hacienda on June 23, you'll be able to find out. 

The Ask Cooking Light tour, sponsored by Cooking Light Magazine and co-sponsored by Near East, is based around a custom 68-foot Peterbilt truck and trailer which has been specially outfitted for the occasion. It will travel to over 15 states this year, logging over 100,000 miles in the process.

As a sponsor of the tour, the truck will pay a visit to Golden Grain on Monday, June 23 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. All Hacienda tenants are welcome. Golden Grain's Hacienda offices are located at 4576 Willow Road.

A Marketing Opportunity
"We are trying to generate awareness and trial use of various products, and the Ask Cooking Light tour offers an opportunity to gain a lot of attention," explains Pam Rhodes, Near East marketing manager. "Everything about it has to do with cooking and recipes, and people who are interested in cooking and recipes are our target."

Rice, Pasta, Couscous
Near East is Golden Grain's brand name for a line of over 20 different grain-based products which can be served as either side or main dishes. The 100 percent natural products feature rices, couscous, and pasta.

"All our Near East products can be added to or served on their own, plus they're very easy to prepare," says Rhodes. "The couscous, for instance, only takes five minutes to prepare." 

Samples, Recipes, and More
The tour will make stops in the parking lots of participating grocery stores around the United States. At each of the 150 scheduled stops, consumers will be able to tour the truck, receive product samples, information, coupons, brochures, and recipe cards. 

"In addition, they set up displays in each store featuring products from the sponsors, so we also get more visibility in the store," adds Rhodes. "Reports to date are that the program has been successful in terms of attracting people." The tour is expected to reach over 200,000 consumers.


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