Published June 16, 1997
Volume 5, Number 6

Hacienda Offers Web Hosting, Design for Tenants

The Hacienda Owners Association is unveiling a new program designed to aid tenants in establishing sites on the World Wide Web. Through the program, tenants will be able to pay a small, one-time fee for site design and an annual fee of just $50 for space on the Hacienda Internet server. 

"This will provide our tenants with a simple way to establish a basic Internet presence," says James Paxson, general manager of the Hacienda Owners Association. 

Getting Connected
The World Wide Web is the fastest growing area of Internet use. The past three years have seen businesses everywhere rushing to establish sites to create better communication with customers, stockholders, and the public. 

"While many of our tenants are familiar with the web and have already established sites, we wanted to give a hand to businesses that have been looking for a simple way to get a site online," adds Paxson. 

The Association has contracted with Words & Graphics, a Vallejo-based design and communications firm, to handle design duties for the program. Words & Graphics designed and currently maintains the Hacienda web site at www.hacienda.org. This site, which has been accessed over 50,000 times since November, features development information, tenant listings, and more. 

Basic Web Package
For $250, Words & Graphics will create a basic home page, including up to five scanned images, information about a company's products or services, and information on how to contact the company. A sample home page featuring Hacienda may be viewed online at www.hacienda.org/sample.html.

"The basic page we're offering is like a telephone directory ad with a potential audience of millions," explains Jay Hipps, creative director of Words & Graphics. "It creates a window for new business via the Internet, without making a big investment or a commitment to the technology."

As part of the basic program, each site will be registered with a variety of World Wide Web directories, including Yahoo, Alta Vista, InfoSeek, and Web Crawler. 

"By registering with these directories, we make it easier for anyone seeking a specific business or even businesses of a certain type to locate our client's sites," explains Hipps. "With the number of World Wide Web sites growing all the time, it's more important than ever to publicize a site in this manner."

Each company's page will also be accessible through a link from the Hacienda tenant pages. The tenant pages feature an alphabetical listing of Hacienda tenants with address, phone, and where applicable, e-mail and web information.

More Features Available
The basic program can be supplemented by other features, including GIF and Shockwave animation, audio, and video. 

For companies seeking to establish a broader Internet presence, Words & Graphics is available for full site design, including art direction, copywriting, graphic design, and custom programming. 

For more information on the Hacienda Owners Association tenant web site program, contact Jay Hipps at Words & Graphics at (707) 557-6862, or e-mail jhipps@wordsandgraphics.com


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