Published July 21, 1997
Volume 5, Number 7

ETI, PG&E Form Power Saving Partnership
Incentives Offered for Installation of Energy Efficient Equipment

  Power Saving Partners Direct Rebate
Typical Incentive Amount 33% - 40% of Project Cost 18% - 25% of Project Cost
Annual Savings Reports Yes No
Warranty Service and Maintenance Optional Optional
Commitment Term 6-8 Years 5 Year

For qualifying businesses, the Power Saving Partners Program offers many advantages over the direct rebate program.

By Jay Hipps
Network Editor

Hacienda's Electro-Test, Inc. is teaming with PG&E and Brayer Lighting to offer the Power Saving Partners program. The program offers a comprehensive package designed to both save customers' money on energy bills and create additional incentives for equipment upgrades. 

"ETI will help customers reduce energy consumption by identifying and replacing their existing less-efficient equipment with modern energy efficient equipment," says Dennis Reisinger, ETI's Power Saving Partners program manager. "In addition to helping reduce energy bills, ETI will provide a significant financial incentive for converting to the more efficient systems." 

More Than a Rebate
While PG&E offers substantial rebates to businesses which install energy-efficient equipment, this new PG&E program offers even greater advantages to qualifying businesses: 

  • New, energy efficient equipment is installed with no out-of-pocket expenses to the property owner;
  • PSP incentive is 33 to 40 percent of the project cost or 50 percent more than the standard PG&E rebatewhichever is greater; and
  • ETI measures the actual energy savings each year for the duration of the project. In fact, the incentives are based on the amount of energy saved each year. Since a comprehensive energy cost savings analysis is undertaken before the program is initiated, participants have a good idea of what they will save.

"That's the beauty of this program," says Reisinger. "You actually save what you are told. If savings occur, incentive payments will be madeplus, you get the utility bill savings."

Qualifying for the program is simple as well. Eligible facilities must operate their lighting systems a minimum of 4,000 hours per year (equivalent to 15 hours per day, five days per week) and be willing to maintain the new equipment for up to eight years. 

"Commercial office buildings and retail stores are ideal," adds Reisinger. 

Many Hacienda Facilities Eligible
Despite the mental image summoned at the mention of "retrofits," even recently constructed buildings may profit from the program. 

"Buildings that were built yesterday or ten years ago are candidates," explains Walter Pazik of Brayer Lighting, Northern California's largest energy efficient lighting design and contracting company and ETI's partner in the PSP program. "Buildings that are being built today are using old technology like magnetic ballasts or other items."

Program Applications
To apply for participation in the PSP program, contact Dennis Reisinger at (510) 824-0330. ETI will then perform an energy survey to identify areas of potential savings due to equipment upgrades. Once a plan is agreed upon, payments will be made according to energy savings through the program's conclusion on July 4, 2004. 

Future of PG&E Rebates Uncertain
While PG&E is continuing to offer its Retrofit Express rebate program, its fate past 1997 is uncertain due to the deregulation of the electric utility industry. (The PSP program will not be affected by deregulation.)

The Retrofit Express program offers first come, first served rebates of up to $300,000 for purchase and installation of energy efficient lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration, and motors. 

The deadline for installing equipment and applying for the program is November 30, but a limited amount of funding is available. 

According to PG&E, the rebates will help speed payback on equipment upgrades. The cost of purchase and installation should be recouped by energy savings in three months to six years. 

For more information on rebates, call PG&E at (800) 468-4743.


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