Published August 18, 1997
Volume 5, Number 8

AT&T Offers Worker Database to Employers

Looking to hire some experienced technical staff? AT&T is offering access to its Lead Connections II database, which features detailed information and resumes of AT&T employees in transition. 

The database, which is accessible on the World Wide Web, can be searched using specific criteria based on skills and experience. 

Once suitable candidates are found, original resumes and background summaries may be viewed online. Employers can then either contact the candidates via telephone or by simply clicking on an e -mail link. 

To use the database, employers need to get a personal password from the AT&T Resource Center by calling (510) 224-5700. 

The AT&T Resource Center will also be happy to post job listings from outside companies. Simply fax listings to (510) 224-6646 or e-mail to bcastelo@att.com or svhatcher@att.com.


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