Published August 18, 1997
Volume 5, Number 8

Tandy Service Offers Network, Computer Expertise

Despite the fact that you'll find Tandy Service in the "New Tenant" listings, they've actually been in Hacienda for a couple of years, inside the Computer City store in the Metro 580 Center. 

"We're in the back, so people don't even know we're here to a large degree," says Gary Eno, technical service manager. "We're all part of the same corporation, Tandy Corporation. It consists of us, the Computer City stores, and of course Radio Shack." 

Though hidden here, Tandy Service is the largest electronic service organization in the United States. The company represents over 100 major manufacturers in computers and consumer electronics. 

"Our particular center is a computer center, where we're dealing with computer products: PCs, printers, monitors, and other such things," explains Eno. 

Carry-in business makes up about two-thirds of their work, on items both in and out of warranty. "That work represents just about every major computer manufacturer," he says. 

Tandy Service also offers on-site or field service work, including service plans for single computers and networks. "We have Certified Network Engineers on staff and offer several service plans, including 7 by 24 service, according to whatever a customer needs," says Eno. 

For more information on Tandy Service, contact Eno at (510) 225-4540 between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. weekdays. 


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