Published September 15, 1997
Volume 5, Number 9

Business Community Plays a Key Role in Pleasanton's Quality of Life

By Gail Gilpin and Kacie Medinas
City of Pleasanton

General Fund(This is the first of three articles contributed by the City of Pleasanton to highlight the value of business to the community.Editor)

Business has always been an important part of Pleasanton, but never more important than it is today. The Pleasanton economy is thriving again after surviving the early 1990s economic slowdown. We are reaping long term benefits as a stable community with fine homes, job opportunities, award-winning schools, and a wonderful variety of services, shops, and fine dining to enjoy. 

A major benefit of Pleasanton's healthy economy is the public revenue received from businesses. Consider this: Over 71 percent of the City's general fund tax revenues come directly or indirectly from the businesses located here in Pleasanton. 

This revenue helps pay for our police and fire service, public works operations, and the general government. Commer cial revenues provide most of the funding needed to maintain and run our favorite recreation areas, including Northern California's largest active sports park, the newly renovated Aquatic Center and Tennis Complex, and the busy Senior Center. 

Because of a good revenue base and a strong local economy, the City is in a better position to get favorable bonding status for future projects as well, such as the proposed public golf course. 

Pleasanton residents are benefitting from the growing job market. Over 26 percent of the estimated 35,340 jobs in Pleasanton are filled with Pleasanton residents. The job forecast is good. There should be about 39,570 jobs in Pleasanton by 1999, a 12 percent increase. Many of those jobs are expected to be in the telecommunications, software, and scientific /biomedical devices industries. 

Business is an important part of our community. It provides many of the goods and services we desire, as well as the resources the City needs to meet its responsibilities. Together we are creating our future, today. 


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