Published September 15, 1997
Volume 5, Number 9

City's Alternative Commute Program Off to Strong Start

"Commendable Commutes," the City of Pleasanton's new voluntary program to help reduce vehicle trips through employer trip reduction programs, is off to a good start. 

Several companies, including Boehringer Mannheim, California Indemnity Insurance Co., Dillingham Construction, Vanstar, and Zenith Insurance, have already enrolled in the program. Commendable Commutes offers several incentives to participating companies.

Guaranteed Ride Home
One of the principal attractions of enrolling in the program is the City's Guaranteed Ride Home program. 

"Guaranteed Ride Home is designed to take the worry out of using commute alternatives," explains Diana Bonanno, Pleasanton's transportation systems management (TSM) coordinator. "It is your safety net against being stranded in the event of a family emergency, unscheduled overtime, or a carpool/vanpool vehicle breakdown." 

The program guarantees commuters that work for enrolled companies with a free taxi ride to their home. Participants receive a voucher from their employer good for the trip. 

"Try Transit" Passes
The City also offers enrolled companies with free transit passes for new employees. Hacienda companies can receive free BART passes valued at $2 to distribute to each new hire. 

"These passes complement nicely the free WHEELS passes available to any Hacienda employee," adds Bonanno. WHEELS passes are available by calling the Hacienda Transportation Hotline at 734-6551 or by accessing the Hacienda web site at http://www.hacienda.org/transorder.html.

Program Still Being Formed
The City is sponsoring a meeting to discuss the creation and implementation of the new program on Thursday, Septem ber 25 at the City of Pleasanton Operations Service Center at 3333 Bush Road from 8:30 to 10:30 a.m. 

Bonanno says that the input of participating businesses is key to the program. 

"Because it's a voluntary program, it has a whole new thrust," she says. "We need to work together to put together a program that's service oriented and that meets the needs of their employees and is something that's advantageous for them to offer to their employees." 

For more information, call Bonanno at (510) 484-8289.


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