Published November 17, 1997
Volume 5, Number 11

Office Furniture Ergonomics a Key Component, Says Space Designs

Space Designs
Space Designs furnished the new Boehringer Mannheim Corporation facilities, including the cafeteria.

With greater emphasis placed on style and ergonomics than ever before, furnishing an office can be a challenge. 

"There's so much to consider in furniture in terms of ergonomics," says Marilyn Teerman, sales manager for Space Designs, a Mountain View-based contract furniture dealer that expanded to Hacienda three years ago. "Today, our clients want to reduce Worker's Comp costs through having the right equipment." For today's cubicle-dwelling computer users, repetitive stress injuries represent the latest workplace threat to health. 

Space Designs' answer to the ergonomics puzzle is furniture from makers like Herman Miller, SQA, and Milcare. 

"We come to our customers with a computerized visualization system that makes planning and ordering easy," adds Teerman. "Everything can be done from layout through installation in as few as 10 days." 

Their Pleasanton sales show that their techniques are working. Sales have more than doubled each year since the company opened its Hacienda office, with recent clients including Boehringer Mannheim Corporation and SkillSet Software. Their overall sales rank Space Designs as one of the largest contract furniture dealers in Northern California. 

Teerman sees her job as more than delivering product, however. 

"Furniture is really about creating a relationship with your clients," she says. "It's based on relationshipsit's who you've worked for, who you've done a great job for."

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