Published December 15, 1997
Volume 5, Number 12

BayCAP Helps Business Clear the Air, Voluntarily

Most people in the Bay Area are familiar with "Spare the Air" days, where residents are advised to use alternative commute methods and to avoid wood fires and working with gasoline-powered yard equipment. But many are not familiar with the Bay Area Clean Air Partnership (BayCAP), the organiza tion that sponsors the Spare the Air program. 

BayCAP was formed by the Bay Area Council, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the Santa Clara Manufacturing Group in April, 1996. Its goal is to maintain the Bay Area's attainment status for the national ozone standard and for the business community to avoid the potential creation of new federal regulatory measures by developing more flexible, cost-effective methods of maintaining clean air. 

Over the last 20 months, BayCAP's programs have met with an enthusiastic response, both from the general public and the business community. Over 1,500 employers have enrolled in the Spare the Air program, along with a host of Bay Area cities and counties. 

It's easy to see why so many employers are getting involved. Historically, Bay Area employers have participated in efforts to improve air quality since World War II. By enrolling in the Spare the Air pro gram, companies help promote alternative commute options like public transit or telecommuting. 

BayCAP's "Capture the Credit" program, which works to quantify the benefits of program partici pation, conducted a survey of over 400 employers which indicated an 8.5 percent reduction in the num ber of commute trips in participating companies. 

The Spare the Air program is working. In fact, on August 6 aloneone of just three Spare the Air Days in 1997approximately 9,000 vehicle miles were saved, along with 37 pounds of pollutants. 

Companies enrolling in BayCAP's programs also receive a packet of information explaining several pollution-related issues, suitable for re-printing in company newsletters. 

To sign up for notification of Spare the Air days as a business or individual, access www.sparetheair.org or call (415) 749-4900. 


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